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    How to save nature without running away from society: lessons from three movies

    Today we will devote our review to three movies with a common theme – how far is a person protesting against a consumer society ready to go? This topic has been exciting the minds for many years, and one of its most striking manifestos is the book “Walden; or, Life in the Woods” by Henry […]

    Pandemic forces BBC into a new approach for David Attenborough’s The Mating Game series

    African bullfrogs converging on pools in South Africa and fighting like barroom brawlers; a school of ghostly-looking manta rays assembling off the Australian coast; vivid images of amphibious snot otters working cooperatively in a cold north American river. These are all scenes from the new BBC One David Attenborough blockbuster series The Mating Game, The […]

    “From Seed to Seed” – short movies to learn how to produce vegetable seeds

    European eco-settlers released on Youtube a unique project – a series of 40 short films “From Seed to Seed.” This series allows anyone to learn how to produce vegetable seeds. It provides the basics of theory and practice, an “alphabet” of seed production, and shows all the necessary steps for producing seeds of 40 vegetable […]

    Post-apocalypse: when the reality is similar to science fiction

    The post-apocalypse issues continue to tickle the nerves of modern readers and viewers. The genre is gradually merging with reality: from January 2020, you will not surprise anyone with the scenario of the disease of all humankind with an unknown virus. And the climate on Earth in recent years presents us with weather disasters, too. […]

    Car-killing houses and polar bears like migrants: new eco-cartoons

    The last four years presented a gift to the festival audience: a selection of short animated films from different countries on eco-topics. In our review, we will mention all genres, from satirical comedy to post-apocalyptic drama. It is gratifying that animation in the nature conservation genre is supported by the efforts of enthusiasts and cultural […]

    “Planet of the Humans” by Michael Moore: a story about America’s great greenwashing

    Celebrating 50 years of Earth Day, Michael Moore, executive producer, and the director Jeff Gibbs re-released their daunting and alarming documentary about the heart and soul of America’s Green Movement in a compelling film: “Planet of the Humans” (2019). Let’s check Robert Hunziker’s review of this film for Countercurrents. He’s MA, economic history DePaul University, […]

    Filmmakers, activists call for climate efforts in Cannes

    Documentary makers and environmental activists, including British teenager Bella Lack, on July 12 said they hoped to inspire more efforts on climate change through several films with hopeful messages presented at the Cannes Film Festival.  The world’s biggest cinema showcase is back after a 2020 hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic and has this year […]

    Greta Thunberg and a year to change the world – new BBC documentary

    Many disputes took place in 2019 over the person of Greta Thunberg. Some considered her an artificially created PR project, others discussed her illness, and the third declared her a symbol of modern eco-activism. But this young girl tirelessly continues to give interviews and write on the blog, and finally, she became the character of […]

    The post-nuclear worlds: Eight movies about nuclear energy

    What’s wrong with nuclear energy? Proponents of this industry say that “the atom will save the world” and all of us from the climate crisis. Meanwhile, environmental activists say the opposite. Let’s start the investigation of how nuclear energy is represented in art and mass culture. We’re thankful to Ecoaction NGO for a brilliant review. […]

    10 movies that explain what climate change is and what to do with it

    Scientists are expressing the alarm. Young people go on strike. Countries around the world have signed a climate agreement to join forces to tackle the climate problem, and some have even begun to declare a state of emergency. Everyone is concerned about global climate change and the deepening of its negative effects, which are already […]