Springs, wells dry up across Iraqi Sulaimani province
    01 Sep 2021

    Springs and wells are drying up across Iraqi Sulaimani province. Locals say it’s a disaster unlike anything they’ve seen before, Rudaw reports. “I was born in 1952. I have never seen this springhead in this way. I have always been here, except during the eight years of the Iran-Iraq war,” said Fatih Salim, who owns […]

    Conveyor stop? Why the Gulf Stream is slowing down and what it threatens the planet
    24 Jun 2021

    For more than a thousand years, the natural conveyor belt, which is important for the planet, has been working properly in the Atlantic. But humanity has spoiled it. In what way – let’s check the Chas News survey. Do you believe in the fountain of eternal youth? Most likely not, because it is difficult for […]

    Robert Hunter, Greenpeace co-founder: environmentalist and “media bomb” lover

    We strongly recommend the film “How to Change the World” which is dedicated to the first public action of the movement, which will later be named Greenpeace. The movie depicts the voyage that caused the cancellation of the American nuclear test program in the Aleutian Islands and laid the foundations for a new, active and […]

    Seaspiracy. The fishing industry is more harmful to the environment than plastic

    Let’s watch a new Netflix documentary and learn about the impact of commercial fishing. Fishing nets pollute the world’s oceans and harm marine life more than plastic tubes. Dolphins do not suffer the most from dolphinariums, but from being caught in nets while fishing. Fish farms are no better, because they create a lot of […]

    ‘Green Tribe’: journey across the world with a stool

    In the years 2005 to 2019 the story of travelers who founded the ‘Green Tribe’ NGO unfolded before my eyes. These people were engaged in ‘pure art’ and performing. They set the goal of travelling to the four oceans, and then they dreamed of a nature reserve foundation in the north-east of Ukraine. I will […]

    Two European cinematic perspectives on the lives of African peasants

    There are two notable films on environmental and social issues in Africa, ‘Thank you for the rain’ and ‘Makala’. Let’s consider each of them separately. Makala is a movie at the intersection of the social and the landscape-contemplative topics. An hour and a half of screen time takes us to the Democratic Republic of the […]

    Let’s watch a few eco-films!

    Plastic Planet, 2009 We live in the age of plastic. It’s cheap and practical, and it’s everywhere – even in our blood. But is it safe for us? This exciting, informative documentary takes us on a journey around the world: from the Moroccan Sahara to the mid-Pacific, from a factory in China to the highest […]

    What’s new about plastic and water resources? Few eco-movies to watch

    The Dark Side of the Chew, 2014 Everyone has chewed gum, but most of us ignore the fact that their composition is similar to plastic. In addition, there are traces of chewing gum everywhere: on the streets, in schools, on public transport. Watch this movie to find out how chewing gum affects our culture, threatens […]

    Eco-warriors in African style: Virunga National Park

    Western people hardly know the names of all African countries, and they know even less about the vicissitudes of their politics. War and war crimes in the former colonies are of little concern to the white population of the ‘First World’. There are, however, themes that seep through that veil from time to time. One […]

    ‘Sakawa’: Africa’s electronics dump strikes back

    Ben Asamoah’s film ‘Sakawa’ from an unexpected angle presents the Western viewer the history of the places where trash ends up after ‘death’. After computers are thrown away and sent on a long journey across the seas and oceans, the electronics safely fall into the hands of the specialists who pull personal data from hard drives. […]