Faces of eco-movement

    Beyond Extinction Rebellion: the protest groups fighting on the climate frontline

    With the survival of our species at stake, meet six activist groups who refuse to go quietly. We’re thankful to The Guardian for the brilliant review. Cover photo by Oleg Andros.   Ocean Rebellion: ‘It feels like David and Goliath’ Ocean Rebellion, a group that fights to protect the high seas, emerged from the broader […]

    Meet Vanessa Nakate – a 23-years-old influential climate activist

    Meet Vanessa Nakate, 23. She’s the most influential climate activist since Greta Thunberg. She’s a Ugandan climate-justice activist and founder of the Rise Up Movement.  For the third year in a row, Nacate has been speaking at climate and economic summits, urging world leaders to “wake up” and recognize climate change as a crisis, linking […]

    Post-pandemic recovery: diversification as the future of the UAE

    The United Arab Emirates, like the rest of the world, is re-imagining its economy post-COVID. What might the UAE economy look like once Gulf countries turn a corner? Increasingly diverse is the answer. Let’s check a few predictions of UAE’s economic development in 2021+. And the first comes from ICAEW authors. The UAE economy depends […]