Moon soil discovery raises prospect of human settlements in space

    Soil on the Moon contains active compounds that can convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and fuels, a study published on Thursday suggests. The discovery raises the prospect of lunar resources being used to facilitate human settlements on the Moon or elsewhere in space. “In the near future, we will see the crewed spaceflight industry developing rapidly,” […]

    In case of death of humankind. Australia will install a “black box” of the Earth

    On the island of Tasmania in 2022, NGO will install a “black box” of the Earth, which will record data on the last years of humanity in case of its death. The metal unit will perform the same function as the “black boxes” of aircraft that collect flight data, ABC reports. A 10x4x3 m monolith […]

    Approaching a Third industrial revolution: let’s talk about “new media”

    The modern era is a clash of several trends. On the one hand, many countries have moved from the era of “industrialism” to “post-industrialism,” or the information society. If this was relevant only for Western countries in the 70s, now it applies to almost all GCC countries. In Western sociology and political science, the American […]

    “Robot, bring me back my salary!” What professions will be in demand in the future

    The future has moved from the “beautiful distant” to the foreseeable tomorrow. Robots and software have gone so far forward that we will see changes in the next five years. The main thing is not to learn about a breakthrough in science from the document about your layoff on redundancy. This means that you need […]

    Universal Soldiers: who needs the ethics of robotics in the age of war robots

    We’ve found for you a lovely review of the AI perspectives written by the Knife journalists. Enjoy it!    “I now know why you cry, but it is something I can never do.” – T-800, “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”   Who invented robots Karel Čapek managed to look into the future when in 1920 he […]

    New Utopianism: what future can we meet the day after tomorrow

    Forty years ago, punk rock band confidently proclaimed that there was no future. In the next decade, society began to argue about the coming of cyborgs, gladly using personal computers. After some time, Soviet socialism was laid out, and the end of history (according to Francis Fukuyama – Ecolife) began. With the appearance of the […]

    More than fiction. Science fiction ideas that can become a reality in the XXI century

    Lunar bases, flying cars, and teleportation are likely to appear in the coming decades. Let’s learn more reading Chas article. Sometimes reality is separated from fiction by a very thin line. A “smart” house, a mobile phone, space stations, uncrewed vehicles – not even a century has passed since these inventions lived only in books […]

    Sustainable development is the only way out of the collapse

    To describe the state of modern society, I use the concept “Future Shock” introduced by the American sociologist Alvin Toffler in 1969 in the same name book. He notes that in that era in the United States, the post-war generation of “baby boomers” felt that changes were happening too quickly; that post-industrial civilization was increasing […]

    Benefits from the AI will be received only by the wealthiest businessmen, high officials, and leading AI developers – expert

    One of the prominent August news became Jack Clark’s “manifesto” called “Big models: What has happened, where are we going, and who gets to build them.” He delivered it on August 23rd at the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI). Jack Clark is a co-founder of Anthropic, an AI safety and research company; co-chair […]

    Environmentalism in the world where ideas, not things, are for sale

    One of the most complete descriptions of the ideas of moderate environmentalism, combined with a critique of countercultural ideas, is the work of American sociologists Joseph Heath and Andrew Potter “The Rebel Sell: Why the Culture Can’t be Jammed” (2004). The authors believe that it is impossible to deny the whole system of capitalism and […]