From artificial black surfaces to CO2 capture: Amazing ways to alter the climate
    19 Feb 2024

    While the UAE is lucky enough to enjoy almost endless sunshine, rainfall levels sometimes fall short of what would be ideal. This is despite sporadic spells of wet weather, such as experienced this week, which often occur in the winter months. As a result, the country has limited water resources and has invested heavily in desalination plants and put significant demands on aquifers, […]

    UN climate chief says ‘torrents not trickles’ of finance are needed to meet goals
    07 Feb 2024

    The UN’s most senior climate official has said “torrents not trickles” of finance are needed if the world is to achieve its Cop goals. In a keynote speech in Baku, Azerbaijan, which will host the Cop29 UN Climate Conference in November, Simon Stiell said it will take an “Olympian effort” over the next two years to […]

    Victory in climate race ‘still possible’ even if 1.5°C hits this decade
    01 Feb 2024

    Record heatwaves could take the world beyond the key 1.5°C global warming benchmark as soon as this decade – but that does not mean all hope is lost, the UN’s top climate scientist says. Jim Skea said it is “still technically possible” to meet the goal of curbing the global temperature rise to 1.5°C, staving off the worst […]

    UAE team wins $1m funding for climate-boosting corals plan
    29 Jan 2024

    UAE climate researchers have secured a $1 million funding boost to support vital efforts to protect coral reefs against the impact of surging ocean temperatures. The key investment will enable the Mubadala Arabian Centre for Climate and Environmental Sciences, based at New York University Abu Dhabi, to carry out two years of work on a marine project focused […]

    Technology, water and peace: Azerbaijan’s vision for Cop29 revealed
    28 Jan 2024

    Azerbaijan will put pollution, water shortages and the need to help poorer countries get their hands on clean technology top of the agenda when it hosts Cop29 later this year, The National has been told. Taking place in Baku in November, the government wants to send a signal of peace to the region after an exchange of olive […]

    Planting the seeds of change: How UAE rulers fuelled mangrove growth in the 90s
    27 Jan 2024

    In the early 90s, there was a saying among environmental researchers and contract engineers in Abu Dhabi that destroying even one mangrove leaf could land them in jail. It was a joke, but one that summed up the emirate’s deep commitment to mangrove conservation long before climate change and global warming were buzz words. Australian researcher Ronald Loughland, who moved to Abu […]

    Groundwater rapidly declining around the world, largest study shows
    25 Jan 2024

    Groundwater is rapidly declining around the world, often at accelerating rates, the largest assessment of its kind involving almost 1,700 aquifers has shown. The three-year study by researchers at UC Santa Barbara found that groundwater is dropping in more than two thirds, or 71 per cent, of the aquifers – in three times as many times places as […]

    Working Wonders: The data ecology analyst on a mission to protect the UAE’s mangroves
    24 Jan 2024

    As a data ecology analyst, Amna Alhemeiri, 24, is among those helping to protect the UAE’s treasured mangroves and ensure that they prosper. The plants, championed by the UAE Founding Father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, are an iconic part of the country’s ecosystem and are viewed as crucial to the planet’s sustainability. Ms […]

    Could air-to-water technology help to solve the world’s water shortages?
    23 Jan 2024

    More than 1.4 billion people around the world – including 450 million children – live in areas that face high or extremely high water vulnerability, the UN children’s agency said. As a result, finding new and reliable sources of water is important for many communities, especially as the world’s population increases and climate change causes more severe drought. While […]

    Why long-term energy thinking is crucial for climate solutions
    20 Jan 2024

    When my father was born, European and American homes were heated with coal, horses were still a common means of transportation, and there was no such thing as nuclear power. My children may well make it into the 22nd century when I hope today’s energy systems will seem as antiquated. In an attempt to overcome our […]