Pre-Cop29 summit in Abu Dhabi will focus on AI’s role in combating climate change
    17 Jul 2024

    A crucial gathering in Abu Dhabi ahead of Cop29 in Azerbaijan will seek to focus minds on how artificial intelligence can help in the fight against climate change. Dr Sultan Al Jaber, Cop28 President, said November’s event in the UAE capital will tackle the contradiction between AI’s “thirst for electricity” and its “potential to reduce emissions”. Writing on global […]

    Middle East and African economies have most to gain if world goes green, study finds
    15 Jul 2024

    Victory in the fight against climate change would give the Middle East and Africa the biggest economic boost, a new study finds. By the same token, however, some Middle East economies would be hit especially hard if global warming gets out of control. In the most extreme case, a typical economy in the region would be more than 20 per cent […]

    How global warming could cool down Europe due to Gulf Stream ‘paradox’
    12 Jul 2024

    Climate change might actually cool down parts of Europe, scientists believe, due to a weakening of the Gulf Stream. The warm tropical current from North America to Europe is one reason why Britain has milder winters than freezing Russia or Canada. But the blast of warmth that has come for thousands of years could be weakened by changes in ocean winds, a […]

    EPI: World ‘failing to address climate crisis’, with Middle East showing mixed progress
    27 Jun 2024

    The world is failing to address the climate crisis as countries veer off track from their goals, although the Middle East appears to be making some progress, according to the latest Environmental Performance Index. The EPI – released on Monday by Yale University’s Centre for Environmental Law and Policy and Columbia University’s Centre for International Earth Science Information Network – […]

    Cop28 Presidency takes action to help farmers affected by climate change
    26 Jun 2024

    An environmental task force to help farmers around the world address critical climate challenges has been set up by the UAE-led Cop28 Presidency. It is part of efforts to achieve the goals of the milestone declaration on sustainable agriculture, made during the Cop28 UN climate summit in Dubai last year. The Cop28 Presidency on Monday said the […]

    Can the production of palm oil ever be environmentally sustainable?
    05 Jun 2024

    Palm oil is sometimes seen as a wonder commodity. It is a cheap cooking oil, an ingredient in any number of foods, a biofuel and it is found in numerous consumer products from cosmetics to detergents. But it is often also regarded as an environmental menace, as vast swathes of tropical forests are destroyed so that palm tree plantations can […]

    Gulf’s mangroves could shrink by 45 per cent as climate threat looms, report warns
    03 Jun 2024

    Mangroves in the Arabian Gulf and surrounding regions could shrink by 45 per cent over the next half century if current trends continue, scientists have warned in a study. The assessment, by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), found that the area in the Gulf covered by mangroves has declined by about 14 per […]

    Is there hope for coral reefs in peril from climate change?
    18 May 2024

    Coral reefs offer wondrous, colourful images that mesmerise snorkellers, divers and indeed almost anyone who watches wildlife documentaries – but for how much longer? The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has revealed these natural ecosystems are now being badly hit by a global bleaching event sparked by high temperatures – with climate change a likely cause. […]

    Abu Dhabi sets out green strategy to boost air quality and reduce noise pollution
    17 May 2024

    Abu Dhabi has set out a crucial action plan aimed at driving up air quality, reducing noise pollution and holding industries to account for their impact on the environment. Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed, Ruler’s Representative in Al Dhafra Region and chairman of the board of directors of the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi, issued a resolution on Friday […]

    Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid establishes Dubai Environment and Climate Change Authority
    02 Apr 2024

    Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, has ordered the establishment of a new authority to boost the emirate’s green drive. The Dubai Environment and Climate Change Authority will be tasked with promoting sustainable practices, safeguarding biodiversity and expanding the number of green spaces and natural reserves. Sheikh Mohammed named Ahmed Mohammed bin Thani […]