UN weather agency warns that climate change and air pollution go ‘hand-in-hand’
    11 Sep 2023

    The UN’s weather agency has warned that the hazards of air pollution arising from climate change are being overlooked in the battle against global warming. The World Meteorological Organisation, an intergovernmental group promoting international co-operation on atmospheric science, climatology, hydrology and geophysics, said air quality goes “hand-in-hand” with higher temperatures. On Wednesday, it published its […]

    New weather forecasting will help us prepare for extreme conditions, says UAE expert
    26 Aug 2023

    As the world grapples with climate change, a high-resolution model that can more accurately predict extreme weather will be crucial in improving the resilience of vulnerable countries, the UAE’s senior meteorologist has said. The proposed model would offer definitive predictions for weather such flash floods, tropical storms, tornadoes, rising sea levels, glacial changes and convective clouds, said Dr […]

    Regenerating Britain’s lost rainforests ‘will help redress climate change’
    25 Aug 2023

    A major investment which will help to restore Britain’s lost rainforests and reintroduce key species to their natural habitats has been revealed. The new funding will play an important role in helping the nation achieve its target of protecting a third of its land and sea by 2030. The Wildlife Trusts announced the launch of […]

    How climate change will affect Middle East heatwaves and crops
    24 Aug 2023

    Rainfall will decrease markedly in the Middle East by 2040, sparking worsening food security, Oxfam warned on Wednesday, as it published a report warning of the humanitarian cost of increased water scarcity. The report, Water Dilemmas, describes how a water security crisis, in large part driven by global heating from greenhouse gas emissions, will fuel hunger and […]

    Biden calls climate change an ‘existential threat’ after week of disastrous weather
    12 Aug 2023

    On the heels of devastating weather across the US, President Joe Biden on Wednesday emphasised “the existential threat” of climate change, but dodged questions on whether he would declare a climate national emergency. When pressed about declaring a national emergency, Mr Biden sidestepped, asserting that “we’ve already done that … practically speaking”. “We’ve conserved more land, […]

    Less plastic litter in oceans than estimated, study finds
    09 Aug 2023

    A study has discovered there is less plastic littering the ocean than scientists previously thought, but what is there could persist for a long time. The study estimated that more than 95 per cent of plastic floating on the ocean are pieces bigger than 2.5cm. Most plastic particles in the ocean are very small and the total mass of these microplastics, […]

    As global sea temperatures hit record levels, what are the implications?
    08 Aug 2023

    Sea temperatures reached record levels this week in the latest indication of the large-scale impact of climate change. The Copernicus Climate Change Service, EU’s Earth observation programme, said that average global sea surface temperatures reached 20.96°C – well above normal for this time of year. It comes shortly after Copernicus and others said that July was […]

    Research by Abu Dhabi scientists sheds light on why Antarctica is melting
    21 Jun 2023

    Researchers in the UAE have released findings that could help scientists better understand the factors that are causing Antarctic ice to melt. Two studies led by scientists at Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi shed light on a subject that is of critical importance to the future of the planet. “In our studies, we identified the atmospheric processes that are […]

    Threat of climate change to global security indisputable, says John Kerry
    20 Jun 2023

    US climate envoy John Kerry said on Tuesday that the threat posed by climate change to global security is impossible to contest. “It’s now indisputable that the climate crisis is one of the top security threats not just to the developed world but to the entire planet,” the US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate Change told the […]

    First youth climate change court case begins in Montana
    19 Jun 2023

    The first trial in several US climate change cases brought by youths began on Monday in Montana, where 16 young people are seeking to hold the state accountable for fossil fuel-friendly policies they claim exacerbate global warming and threaten their futures. Roger Sullivan, a lawyer for the young plaintiffs, painted a sweeping picture of the […]