What can you do in the fight against climate change?
    11 Apr 2023

    Economic woes now trump environmental concerns around the world, according to a recent study by market research company Ipsos. While sustainability still ranks within the top five issues in many countries, there is also a growing feeling of despondence among people as to how much impact they can make on an individual level. This is compounded by […]

    UK to impose unlimited fines on water companies for pollution
    03 Apr 2023

    The UK government is set to announce new plans that will impose tougher fines on water companies to tackle pollution. Environment secretary Therese Coffey is expected to unveil the measures next week. The government aims to “make polluters pay” and establish a “water restoration fund” where fines levied on water companies will be placed. Under the proposed plans, water companies […]

    Risks to financial stability have increased but ‘green shoots’ are appearing, IMF says
    28 Mar 2023

    A banking crisis in the US and Switzerland and the pivot to higher interest rates to fight inflation have increased risks to financial stability, but there are “green shoots” appearing, especially in China, that are positive for the world economy, the International Monetary Fund‘s managing director has said. “Policymakers have acted decisively in response to financial stability risks, and advanced economy central […]

    Cop27 chief says ‘window is closing’ in climate fight as Dubai summit approaches
    22 Mar 2023

    All countries must work together to achieve the objective of limiting global temperature rises to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, a leading climate change champion has said. Dan Jorgensen, Denmark’s Minister for Development Co-operation and Global Climate Policy, said important progress had been made in talks between more than 40 nations at the two-day Copenhagen Climate Ministerial summit. […]

    IPCC climate report warns world needs ‘deep, rapid and sustained’ emissions reductions
    21 Mar 2023

    Greater action is needed to cut greenhouse gas emissions if the world is to retain any prospect of limiting global temperature rises to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, a new report has said. Officials have called for “deep, rapid and sustained greenhouse gas emissions reductions in all sectors,” with the aim of nearly halving emissions by 2030 — instead of […]

    Young climate advocate says Cop28 offers ‘signal of hope’
    16 Mar 2023

    A leading youth climate advocate said fossil fuel companies need to be part of climate talks if people want them to switch to renewable energy. Jan Kairel Guillermo, youth engagement officer at the Water and Climate Coalition ― a collection of 10 UN agencies to tackle water and climate issues ― said that did not mean decarbonising the economy […]

    Climate change is causing malaria to resurface in countries like Greece, summit hears
    15 Mar 2023

    Climate change will lead infectious diseases such as malaria to spread across more parts of the world, experts at an Abu Dhabi conference said on Tuesday. Speaking at the Forecasting Healthy Futures summit, scientists revealed the wider health impact of an increase in temperature, with more people exposed to infectious diseases such as malaria, cholera, dengue fever and tuberculosis. “This […]

    UN calls for immediate international action to combat Iraq’s climate change crisis
    13 Mar 2023

    International efforts are needed to find solutions to Iraq’s water crisis, the UN envoy to the country has said. Iraq is the fifth most vulnerable nation to climate breakdown, impacted by high temperatures, droughts and frequent dust storms, presenting a serious threat to the livelihood, according to the UN. “There is a feeling that there is an […]

    Green investments in Mena region not enough, say climate advocates
    28 Feb 2023

    More must be done to accelerate green investments in the Mena region and help it make a sustainable transition, climate advocates and business leaders said in Cairo. Better investment will increase employment opportunities and boost economic development, Tarek Tawfik, chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) Mena Regional Council and president of AmCham Egypt, said on Sunday. “Countries […]

    Expo City Dubai to fund green projects to fight climate change
    27 Feb 2023

    Expo Live, a legacy project of Expo 2020 Dubai, is on the lookout for start-ups searching for concrete solutions to the climate crisis and combat global warming. Selected companies will be awarded a $50,000 grant for work related to reforestation, reduction of greenhouse gases or improving agricultural productivity. Successful innovators will have the opportunity to display their […]