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    Gulf states show ‘limited’ progress kicking oil & gas dependency
    18 Oct 2021

    The latest report from credit ratings agency Moody’s found that despite ambitions to diversify Gulf economies away from fossil fuels, the results have been ‘limited’ and efforts will be constrained by lower oil prices, Al Jazeera states. The clock is ticking for Gulf economies to end their overreliance on fossil fuels, as more countries around […]

    Opinion: is gas a realistic option to drive energy transition?
    16 Oct 2021

    Gas was, is, and will remain the most realistic option to attain the energy transition, spur economic growth and social progress by providing competitive prices and a secure and abundant energy source. This opinion tha author from GD Online promotes. Let’s get aquinted with this point of view. These benefits are further reinforced by the […]

    Qatar Airways sees ‘continual improvement’ in waste, water and energy use

    Qatar Airways is “achieving continual improvement” for its environmental performance in waste, water and energy use via ongoing projects such as reduction of single-use plastics on board, introduction of a waste segregation program that maximizes recycling and reusing at its corporate offices and Hamad International Airport among others, Gulf-Times reports. Other ongoing projects include the […]

    What are the most pressing environmental issues for Qatar’s incoming Shura Council?
    14 Oct 2021

    With Qatar just a day away from its first elected Shura Council, incoming members will be met with various issues, Doha News states. The Shura Council elections in Qatar have been revered as a historic and massive step forward for the Gulf state in improving public inclusion in legislative matters. More so, the elections have […]

    Activists collect 960 kg of waste underwater to save Qatar’s marine life

    The activists have removed over 480kg of plastic waste from the ocean in Qatar, Doha News reports. Several marine activists have organized an underwater clean-up drive to raise awareness on the dangers of plastic pollution in Qatar, collecting over 960kg of waste. According to the group, the waste included 192kg of metals, 480kg of plastic, […]

    MoPH pilots electronic food safety system

    The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) of Qatar has announced the pilot launch of an electronic food safety system in cooperation between the Food Safety and Environmental Health Departments, the Information Systems of the Ministry of Public Health, the General Authority of Customs and private companies that implemented the system and its electronic requirements, in […]

    How bad is Qatar’s food waste problem?

    Massive, overwhelmed landfills, restrictive legislations, and a culture of waste. What does Qatar need to tackle its food waste issue? Let’s check the answers prepared by Doha News. Before the 2017 Gulf blockade, Qatar used 90% of its food. Its hot climate ecosystem was once an obstacle to its self sufficiency, and when Saudi Arabia, […]

    Qatar sparks up nationwide electric vehicle project
    03 Oct 2021

    Qatar plans to convert 25% of public transport to electric in 2022 – just in time for the World Cup – with 100% expected by 2030, Doha News states. Plans to establish an integrated network of electric car chargers across different locations to gradually transform the electric transport system have been kicked off in Qatar, […]

    Seven Best Parks in Qatar
    20 Sep 2021

    Qatar maintains some lush, green parks despite the Gulf state’s hot climate. These open spaces have jogging trails for those looking for a place to keep active, while some keep kids entertained with pretty features and playgrounds. If you prefer a leisurely activity, unwind with a cup of coffee at a parkside café. We’ve found […]

    Climate change among top issues for incoming Shura Council in Qatar
    18 Sep 2021

    The upcoming Shura Council will have to tackle challenging environmental issues and develop related laws that will help promote sustainability and scientific research, a ministry official has said. Those eligible can cast their votes for the much-awaited Shura Council elections on October 2. Dr. Mohamed Saif al-Kuwari, Director of the Environmental and Municipal Studies Center […]