Technology & Green construction

    Middle East hospitality project pushes the boundaries of sustainable construction

    From forest fires and landslides to desertification and flooding, the effects of climate change increasingly are manifesting in all manner of destructive ways, laying waste to animal and plant habitats and vulnerable rural communities. But urban areas are not immune to the risks either, and, as such, they too are being forced to adapt. The […]

    Qatar boasts 1,400 eco-friendly ‘green buildings’

    Qatar has taken major steps towards achieving sustainability goals in recent years. Qatar has recorded more than 1400 buildings under the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS), highlighting “green” infrastructures across the country, authorities have announced, Doha News reports. “Qatar has the highest number of buildings (1,406) with Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS), green building standards,” […]

    Expansion of Jubail Commercial Port paves the way for greener, safer, and cost-efficient transport option

    Gulf Stevedoring Contracting Company (GSCCO), part of the Gulftainer group of companies, has announced enhancements to Jubail Commercial Port. With the completed upgrades, the port now has the capacity to process 1.8 million twenty-foot containers (TEU’s) per year, WAM states. By increasing export volumes in Jubail, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia exporters will have the […]

    The Polish city will exempt residents of green homes from the tax

    Green walls and roofs are a great way to improve air quality; they protect the house from heat and wind, absorb excess moisture and reduce noise. In the Polish city of Kalisz, residents who plant greenery on the facade or roof of their house will be exempt from real estate tax. This decision was made […]

    All new buildings in Amsterdam from 2025 will build partly from wood

    32 Amsterdam’s municipality adopted the Green Deal Timber Construction Agreement, according to which all new buildings in the city from 2025 will have to consist of at least 20% of wood or other biomaterials, such as hemp or cork, Dezeen reports. According to the project authors, the use of wood during construction will reduce the […]

    Expo 2020 Dubai is now home to 121 LEED-certified buildings to embody its Sustainability subtheme

    More than 120 permanent buildings across Expo 2020 Dubai have been certified by the US Green Building Council in a major sustainability milestone, not only for the mega-event itself, but for its legacy project District 2020, the human-centric sustainable smart city that will repurpose 80 percent of the Expo site, WAM reports. Seven buildings across […]

    Do you like jokes about “chipping”? Still, there’s a crisis of microchips worldwide

    A new economic crisis has already touched you – try to order a PlayStation 5, a new iPhone, or car! A shortage of electronic equipment threatens the world. Let’s get to know what happens, thanks to Babel’s explanation. Today, almost everything works on chips – from an electric toothbrush to a car. Since last year, […]

    When trees no longer help: startups develop new technologies for capturing CO2

    In a geothermal park in southern Iceland, four large-scale carbon dioxide capture plants will soon be operational. Developed by the Swiss startup Climeworks, the rigs are designed to extract carbon from the air and pump it deep underground, turning it into solid rock. This technology, called direct capture, is currently considered one of the most […]

    Red Sea Development Company partners with Blue Planet Ecosystems for the sustainable fish pilot scheme

    The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC) has signed two memorandums of understanding (MoU) with Blue Planet Ecosystems (BPE), Saudi Gazette states. Signed by CEO of TRSDC John Pagano and CEO of BPE Paul Schmitzburger, the first MoU sees the entities pledging to investigate the implementation of a viable solution for Sustainable High Tech, CO2 Negative […]

    Musk opened a Tesla plant in Berlin, which still does not have permission to launch. How did this happen?

    Locals and environmental groups staged a protest in connection with the opening of the Tesla Gigafactory on the outskirts of the city of Grünheide in Berlin. They are sure that the plant will pollute drinking water because it was built in a water protection zone. In addition, many trees were cut down during construction, which […]