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    New AI tool predicts harvest time six months before crop is ready

    A new artificial intelligence (AI) system can be used to predict crop yields up to six months before harvest, researchers say. The tool counts flowers on fruit trees, which could help farmers to boost crop yields and improve their allocation of resources such as water and labour, and plan harvests and distribution. The system, developed by researchers […]

    Endangered turtles released into wild at Saadiyat Island

    A bale of 57 endangered sea turtles was released into the wild at Jumeirah Saadiyat Island on Thursday. The turtle species consisted of 39 hawksbill, 17 green turtles and one loggerhead. Organised by Environmental Agency Abu Dhabi, the release was attended by volunteers as members of the public watched on, coming after 214 turtles were rescued since the […]

    Can the production of palm oil ever be environmentally sustainable?
    05 Jun 2024

    Palm oil is sometimes seen as a wonder commodity. It is a cheap cooking oil, an ingredient in any number of foods, a biofuel and it is found in numerous consumer products from cosmetics to detergents. But it is often also regarded as an environmental menace, as vast swathes of tropical forests are destroyed so that palm tree plantations can […]

    ‘New normal’ of extreme weather in Gulf will require significant infrastructure investment

    Countries in the Gulf will be required to invest billions of dollars in flood-proofing infrastructure as the region grapples with the “new normal” of extreme weather, a report has found. A briefing document from Oxford Analytica, an analysis and advisory company, warned the region “has not fully adapted” to the challenges posed by climate change and […]

    Gulf’s mangroves could shrink by 45 per cent as climate threat looms, report warns
    03 Jun 2024

    Mangroves in the Arabian Gulf and surrounding regions could shrink by 45 per cent over the next half century if current trends continue, scientists have warned in a study. The assessment, by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), found that the area in the Gulf covered by mangroves has declined by about 14 per […]

    Drawing water from desert air no longer a mirage

    Producing water from air is becoming an efficient and sustainable reality due to scientific advancements in the UAE. Khalifa University is among the leading institutions and companies transforming this concept into practical reality. It has developed solar-powered water generators that offer a sustainable solution to the Middle East’s lack of rain. To mark World Water Day, a day to underline the importance of fresh […]

    Thirst for peace: Effects of climate change in focus on World Water Day 2024

    Ensuring there is enough water to go around will be one of the world’s biggest challenges as temperatures rise and the population grows. By the end of this century, the global population is expected to have increased to more than 11 billion, about three billion more than now, putting greater pressure on what are likely to be increasingly scarce […]

    Marine parks bring global boost for fish and finances

    Marine Protected Areas boost fishing and tourism, with profits sometimes in the billions, according to the most comprehensive global assessment of its kind to date. MPAs, or national parks at sea, are found in many of the world’s oceans, with past research showing fully protected areas can help restore fish populations by 500 per cent on average, […]

    Is there hope for coral reefs in peril from climate change?
    18 May 2024

    Coral reefs offer wondrous, colourful images that mesmerise snorkellers, divers and indeed almost anyone who watches wildlife documentaries – but for how much longer? The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has revealed these natural ecosystems are now being badly hit by a global bleaching event sparked by high temperatures – with climate change a likely cause. […]

    Abu Dhabi sets out green strategy to boost air quality and reduce noise pollution
    17 May 2024

    Abu Dhabi has set out a crucial action plan aimed at driving up air quality, reducing noise pollution and holding industries to account for their impact on the environment. Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed, Ruler’s Representative in Al Dhafra Region and chairman of the board of directors of the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi, issued a resolution on Friday […]