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    Flame-retardant chemicals found in TVs and cars ‘pose global threat to wildlife’

    More than 150 species of wildlife around the world, ranging from belugas to butterflies, are at risk due to contamination from chemicals used in flame-retardant materials, a study said. Research carried out by the Green Science Policy Institute found that these chemicals have reached wildlife across every continent, affecting species on land and in the oceans, such as killer whales, red […]

    Human demand on Earth’s resources ‘exceeds what the planet can sustainably offer’
    06 Nov 2023

    Earth’s vital signs have reached unprecedented levels of degradation, posing a considerable risk to future life on the planet, a climate report has revealed. Published in Bioscience, the report indicates that 20 of the 35 monitored planetary vital signs, used as climate-change indicators, have reached historically adverse extremes. The research presents a collection of record-breaking climate-related occurrences […]

    UAE’s Masdar announces inauguration of 230MW solar park in Azerbaijan
    03 Nov 2023

    Abu Dhabi clean energy company Masdar on Thursday announced the inauguration of the 230-megawatt Garadagh Solar Park in Azerbaijan, the region’s “largest” operational solar plant, which is due to open soon. Masdar also signed agreements for solar and onshore wind projects with a total capacity of 1 gigawatt in the Central Asian country, the company said in a […]

    How UAE companies and banks are joining forces to accelerate net zero ahead of Cop28
    02 Nov 2023

    As the world grapples with climate change, the UAE stands at an enviable yet challenging crossroads. As the first country in the Gulf to set ambitious net-zero targets, the UAE is not just embracing global efforts to mitigate climate impact, it is also spearheading them. This commitment was echoed by Dr Sultan Al Jaber, President-designate of Cop28 and UAE’s […]

    Masdar and Boeing team up for sustainable aviation fuel
    10 Oct 2023

    UAE clean energy company Masdar and US aerospace major Boeing have teamed up to help advance the sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) industry in the Emirates and globally, as the commercial aviation sector pushes forward with its goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. The companies will collaborate in the development and adoption of policies, including accounting principles, for […]

    UN Climate Change report brings Cop28 global stocktake into focus
    09 Oct 2023

    Past climate action has been insufficient and more needs to be done by governments to limit global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, to avoid loss and damage, and to adapt to climate change, a UN report has found. The report reflects the views of governments and their perspectives on the main elements that will help them make […]

    How eco-friendly abayas are a perfect fit for UAE’s sustainable vision
    06 Oct 2023

    Forward-thinking companies are embracing sustainable solutions to help the UAE go green – including turning plastic bottles into clothing and crafting biodegradable abayas. Businesses across the Emirates are answering the call to protect the planet on the road to the crucial Cop28 climate conference, being held in Dubai from November 30 to December 12. The UAE has called […]

    A new hope for critically endangered animal native to the UAE
    05 Oct 2023

    The discovery of 52 critically endangered geckos on the UAE’s east coast has raised hopes for the survival of the threatened species. The Emirati leaf-toed gecko – Asaccus caudivolvulus – was thought to be on the brink of extinction but a 2022 expedition found the geckos in five locations despite heavy development in the area. Geckos play a crucial role […]

    IMF and World Bank pledge stronger collaboration on climate change
    13 Sep 2023

    The heads of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank said on Thursday that the two bodies will enhance joint efforts to tackle the “existential threat of climate change”, as the world continues to grapple with economic challenges. “Climate change is a threat to global peace, security, economic stability and development,” Kristalina Georgieva, managing director of the IMF, […]

    UAE launches new cloud-seeding campaign to boost rainfall

    The UAE has launched a month-long cloud-seeding campaign aimed at improving technologies used to boost rainfall across the country. The National Centre of Meteorology has joined forces with Stratton Park Engineering Company, a US-based climate research specialist, to conduct key experiments. The Cloudix initiative – cloud-aerosol-electrical interactions for rainfall enhancement experiment – will capture the effectiveness of various cloud-seeding […]