Animal protection

    UAE: New Eagle Ray species discovered in Abu Dhabi waters

    Abu Dhabi: The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) has found a new Eagle Ray species in Abu Dhabi’s waters, reflecting the unique biodiversity and health of waters in the emirate. The discovery was made from specimens collected during a Fisheries Resource Assessment, a survey of fish stocks in UAE territorial waters. The new species […]

    One in five reptiles threatened with extinction

    More than one in five of all reptile species around the world are threatened with extinction, according to a new study. Researchers found that crocodiles and turtles are most at risk with half of those species threatened by hunting and habitat loss. Turtles were particularly at risk as they are hunted for food and for use […]

    Half the insect population wiped out in areas hit by climate warming and intense farming

    Climate change and intensive agricultural practices have wiped out nearly half of the insects in some parts of the world, a report published Wednesday suggests. The warning is the first time a study has tested the link between rising temperatures and land use, and swingeing losses across numerous insect groups around the world. Limited available evidence […]

    Wildlife traffickers prosper on Facebook, report finds

    The online trade in wildlife and endangered animals is flourishing with social media giant Facebook removing fewer than half of illegal adverts, a recent investigation found. In two days, online researchers at global campaign group Avaaz identified 129 pieces of potentially harmful wildlife trafficking content. Verified content included posts selling or seeking cheetahs, monkeys, pangolins and pangolin scales, lion […]

    Fujairah survey finds dolphin species rarely seen in UAE

    A rough-toothed dolphin, spotted only once before in the UAE, was among six species of dolphins sighted during a survey carried out by a team of scientists in Fujairah. The rough-toothed dolphin (steno bredanensis) is one of the larger species of dolphins typically found in deep tropical waters and is identified by their conical heads and […]

    Environment Agency Abu Dhabi rescues more than 200 sea turtles

    Abu Dhabi: A total of 200 stranded and cold-stunned sea turtles have been rescued from Abu Dhabi waters since the start of the year, and rehabilitated to good health by environmental experts. The rescue efforts have been undertaken by the emirate’s environmental sector regulator, the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD), in collaboration with The National […]

    Pope Francis says choosing pets over kids is selfish

    Pope Francis has suggested people who choose to have pets over children are acting selfishly. He criticized people who decided not to have children, but to have pets instead. The pope was speaking to a general audience on January 5, when he turned his sermon to fatherhood. The Pope’s comments came as he was discussing […]

    Preserving and protecting Saudi Arabia’s falcon population

    A burqa is used on a falcon’s face to cover its eyes as sight is their strongest sense. The peregrine falcon is the most predatory aerial bird of all falcon subspecies. Falconry as a traditional sport has become embedded in various cultures worldwide, the result of being practiced globally for 4,000 years. It is a […]

    Spain approves new law recognizing animals as ‘sentient beings’

    Under a new law passed in Spain, domestic and wild animals are no longer considered objects. The relevant law was approved by Spain’s lower house, the Congress of Deputies, on December 3. And animal rights activists have been promoting it for 4 years, El Pais reports. Under EU law, animals are recognized as ‘sentient beings’, […]

    French zoo closed temporarily after pack of nine wolves escape

    A French zoo has been temporarily shut down by local authorities after a pack of nine wolves escaped from their enclosure during visiting hours, BBC reports. No people were injured during incident last weekend at Trois Vallées zoo in Montredon-Labessonnie, southern France. The animals destroyed safety hatches and climbed a fence, but never went outside […]