Animal protection

    Residents panic as lion roams free in Saudi’s Al-Khobar region

    A lion was found roaming the streets in eastern Saudi Arabia on October 12. A lioness was spotted strolling down the streets of the Saudi city of Al Khobar, in the Kingdom’s Eastern Region, local media reported.   #السعودية الحياة الفطرية: السيطرة على #أسد طليق بعد تلقي بلاغ عن وجوده في أحد الشوارع بمدينة #الخبر. […]

    How man killed all the rhinos

    Let’s get acquainted with the abstracts from the book “The Future of the Earth” by the famous American sociobiologist Edward Wilson. The whole text is a distress signal, a passionate appeal, and, at the same time, a concrete plan of action. Showing the continuous process of extinction of various species of animals, plants, invertebrates, and […]

    Oman bans import of wild deer

    Granting permits to import wild deer of all kinds have been suspended from October 12, 2021, until further notice, said the Environment Authority. “The Environment Authority announced the suspension of granting permits to import wild deers of all kinds until further notice. The authority takes this procedure for environmental considerations related to the asssment of […]

    Best efforts to rescue whale shark beached in Oman come to naught

    Despite the best efforts of civilians and government agencies, a whale shark that was beached by a village near Sohar could not be saved, Times of Oman reports. The whale was discovered by Sohar citizen Abdullah Al Neyadi, who said he was taking a walk by the beach near the village of Majaz Al Kubra […]

    Kurdish environmentalists release vulture back into the wild in Iran

    A Kurdish environmental organization released a vulture back into the wild on September 14, three months after it was found injured on a public street in Paveh, Kermanshah province. Zhiway Pawa Society, a local NGO for environment protection and animal rights, treated the vulture, mending its broken wings. “Some locals found the vulture on a […]

    In Bali, hungry monkeys climb into houses in search of food. Before the pandemic, they were fed by tourists

    Monkeys on the island of Bali lost the source of their favorite food when the world pandemic began, because tourists became much smaller. Due to constant contact with humans, primates no longer want to look for food in the jungle. Now hungry animals are attacking the houses of villagers to find something tasty,  AP reports. […]

    How to microchip and register your pet in Dubai

    If you have ever lost your pet, you can understand the anxiety and frustration pet owners face in such a situation. Microchips in pets can be extremely helpful if your pet goes missing. A lost pet, if found by someone, can be returned to its family if the microchip is scanned by a veterinary clinic. […]

    UAE conservation fund saves thousands of falcons, raptors from electrocution

    The Mohamed Bin Zayed Raptor Conservation Fund has been able to successfully tackle the problems of electrocution of raptors by power lines and conserve their habitats, a top official said. Three projects supported the restoration of the birds of prey and their habitats, Khaleejtimes reports. The Fund was created in April 2018 by His Highness […]

    Finland will be the first in Europe to vaccinate mink against the COVID-19

    Finland will soon start introducing a specially developed coronavirus vaccine to minks, Yle reports. The Finnish Food Authority has issued a permit to The Finnish Breeders’ Association (FIFUR) to use the mink coronavirus vaccine. The vaccine was developed by a team of scientists at the University of Helsinki. FurcoVac was tested in a university laboratory […]

    Beauty without victims: why animal experiments should be banned

    Despite the efforts of many animal rights activists, the phenomenon of animal testing still exists. However, it is cruel, inhumane, and often wholly unjustified, as the results of animal experiments are outdated and unreliable. Let’s get acquainted with the story by Olexandr Grushak, representative of the UA Plant-Based campaign. *** Since 1979, April 24 has […]