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    Why do we have to give up fur and leather clothes, and what are the alternatives

    Ethical consumption is the result of consciousness. Usually, people don’t care what they wear is made from. But workers’ rights must be respected in production, and that production does not harm the environment and animals. Let’s read Anastasia Pokropivna, representative of the “Fur-free retail” campaign of the NGO “Open Cages,” an explanation of what ethical […]

    The time for sustainable fashion has come. How to dress eco-friendly?

    At first glance, the innocent fashion industry is one of the main polluters of the environment. Clothing production is responsible for 10% of all CO2 emissions per year. It ranks 2nd in the world in the use of freshwater, while responsible for 20% of all industrial water pollution. In addition, the fashion industry harms not […]

    Ten practical things your plastic bottle has become

    Every minute, as much plastic waste as one garbage truck gets into the ocean. There are 170 million tons of plastic waste floating in the world’s oceans, and by 2050 their weight will exceed the total weight of fish. One of the solutions of the plastic problem is sustainable development: this is when companies turn […]

    In scope: fast fashion, the environment, and climate change

    Since Adam and Eve bit the apple, we’ve been burdened with the need for clothing whenever we walk outside. More than a necessity, it’s become a means of expression, a statement, and the vehicle of many trends. However, overconsumption has led to the rise of fast fashion, a wasteful and polluting system that our environment […]

    Vegan Muslim: How to navigate family gatherings on Eid Al Adha

    Meat and dairy are included in almost every cuisine, making it hard for some Muslim vegans to discover alternatives, especially on occasions like Eid, Doha News states. Being a vegan can be quite a challenge when there are limited food options at grocery stores and restaurants – but let’s face it, convincing your Muslim family […]

    Kenyan girl has developed a startup that is potentially a gold mine

    An energetic enthusiast from Kenya has developed a unique formulation of extra strong bricks and paving stones. An extraordinary girl from an African country managed to develop a mortar composition for paving stones (paving slabs), bricks and plastic utility hole covers. Nzambi Mati created a material 5-7 times stronger than concrete and even received a […]

    Luxury brands are getting greener – in what way?

    Stella McCartney, Louis Vuitton, and other major fashion houses use old fabrics to sew new collections. Let’s get acquainted with Vogue’s story about “greener fashion.” Fashion loves to repeat itself. There is ample evidence of this – the cyclical nature of trends, numerous references to the past and fashionable nostalgia, archival reprints, and the growing […]

    Environmental friendly fashion. How to reduce waste in garment manufacturing

    Sheri Turnbow, founder of Bespoke Southerly, sews clothes from personal sketches ­ and protects the environment. Let’s get to know how she does it, thanks to Forbes’ review. Climate change and the cleaning of the world’s oceans from debris, including plastics, were one of the hottest topics in the United States ahead of the presidential […]

    Ethical Gold and Post-Consumer Cotton: How Global Brands Become Sustainable

    There are so many ways to save nature: sponsoring ocean-going expeditions to protect the ocean, biodegradable cream formulas and 100% botanicals, recycled materials and sustainable precious metals etc. Let’s check Forbes Life’s review how fashion and beauty brands are increasing their resilience. The fashion industry accounts for 10% of the world’s carbon emissions – more […]

    Greta Thunberg starred for Vogue and criticized the fashion world for climate change

    Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg has accused the fashion industry of having a “huge” impact on climate change. She did it on the pages of Vogue Scandinavia fashion magazine. According to Greta Thunberg, fashion brands should take some responsibility for how their products affect the environment. And in her Twitter, she accused some brands of […]