Seven beauty trends that will dominate 2022

    05 Jan 2022

    The beauty industry underwent unexpected, but welcoming changes as transparency is now reshaping its brand-consumer relationship. With savvy consumers beginning to embrace brands that value sustainability, authenticity, and utility; we weigh in trends that will gracefully reign 2022.

    Let’s get to know more thanks to Ganapathy, group product manager from Dabur International.


    More power to traditional beauty routines: Traditional skincare has a lot more to offer than just caking our skin with ounces of chemicals. Fortunately, the shift to organic and result-driven beauty routines that borrow ingredients from the kitchen shelves is real. With brands bringing back time-tested beauty recipes formulated for modern lifestyles, chemical-infested beauty routines will take a backseat. While this trend has already gained momentum, it will be further accelerated in the new year and we’ll see more brands engaging natural ingredients in their offerings.

    Pure and natural ingredients rule the roost: Conscious consumers will now extend their label-reading habits to the beauty industry. Whilst wanting to be aware of what goes in their beauty arsenal, they will also seek brands that focus on sustainable and natural ingredients. As consumers become conscious about their choices, the use of unconventional natural ingredients such as onion, garlic, and superfoods such as pomegranate, avocado will come into prominence. With knowing that what’s good for the body is good for the skin, there’ll be an increase in the use of vitamins and minerals in skincare, especially Vitamin C.

    To be environment-friendly is key: Sustainability is now a beauty industry-standard too. The environmental impact that beauty products can have is equally significant to consumers. Upcycled, recycled, biodegradable, and seeded packaging are thoughtful designs that will influence buyers in making sustainable beauty choices. What’s for all of us to remember in 2022 is that impact matters.

    Personalized beauty care: With the emergence of AI transforming virtual shopping experiences, it’s time the beauty sector takes centre stage to replicate the change with personalized beauty regimes for consumers. While some of it is already happening with personalized product development and self-care essentials, the trend will diversify further to enhance other beauty experiences. From customizing hair oils to suit needs to shades of makeup to suit taste; the beauty industry is going to be abuzz with personalized beauty experiences.

    Beauty lies in sporting the natural: Consumers have already moved over camouflages as we now see them flaunting their greys and curls with confidence. Social media is abuzz with inspiring stories of how being natural is beautiful and consumers feel inspired to breathe in their natural skin. Beauty brands will simply focus on enhancing skin and hair health and consumers will further strengthen their support for ‘skinimalism’.

    No shortcuts, only long-term solutions: Consumers will advance their beauty care requirements towards personalised products as they start looking out for long-lasting results. From hair fall control solutions to dandruff-free scalps, they will want to reach out for permanent solutions. That’s where brands bringing back time-tested ingredients like Amla and Neem will see a rise in popularity. Amla is clinically proven to reduce hair fall through a blend of natural oils and Neem has been long established to have the power to fight dandruff-causing nasties.

    Convenience is the need of hour: Who wouldn’t want beauty care on the go that truly cares for your hair and skin naturally? Applications matter as we gear up for the new year and consumers will be seen opting for convenient formats. Be it sprays, applicators, or ampoules for beauty care arsenal; no mess, quick and easy, portability and efficiency are some of the features that’ll influence consumer buying.

    The beauty industry’s evolution in 2022 is all about being clean, long-lasting and stress-free. Some of the many other trends to witness a rise are temporary hair colours that disregard permanent damage and post-wash oiling of hair to maintain that shiny and healthy mane. But then we can always expect surprises with innovation that goes beyond the obvious.


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