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    “Waste Land” documentary (2010, Brazil, UK)

    Let’s get acquainted with the story narrated by directors: Lucy Walker, Karen Harley, and Juan Jardim. The “Waste Land”  documentary describes the largest landfill in the world – Jardim Gramacho (Garden of Gramacho) on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. Now in this “garden” only waste of all kinds “grows”. Two main lines are intertwined […]

    Philip Dick’s legacy: will you have compassion for the last animals on Earth?

    In recent times, there is hardly a person who has not heard of the Hollywood franchise “Blade Runner”. Also in the old days thundered the dilogy “Total Recall” and the lesser-known action movie in two parts “Screamers”, as well as the films “Minority Report” and the series “The Man in the High Castle”. All these […]

    Pandemic forces BBC into a new approach for David Attenborough’s The Mating Game series

    African bullfrogs converging on pools in South Africa and fighting like barroom brawlers; a school of ghostly-looking manta rays assembling off the Australian coast; vivid images of amphibious snot otters working cooperatively in a cold north American river. These are all scenes from the new BBC One David Attenborough blockbuster series The Mating Game, The […]

    The last hunt

    This masterpiece of “hard” science fiction was written in the 70s by the Norwegian writer Gvar Nielsen. Let’s read the story about the deadly poaching of the possible future. *** On the third day of continuous searches, a dot appeared on the screen of the head machine’s locator aimed at the gloomy sky. The computer […]

    Denis Villeneuve explained why he filmed “Dune” in the hottest months in the UAE desert

    Denis Villeneuve filmed “Dune” in the desert near the Liwa Oasis in Abu Dhabi, choosing July and August for filming. These are the hottest months in this area, when temperatures reach 50°C and above, writes IndieWire. But it was this kind of weather that fit into the director’s visual concept.  “I found what I was […]

    Sharjah Art Foundation announces winners of VPS9 photography prize

    Sharjah Art Foundation has announced the winners of its inaugural photography prize at the opening of Vantage Point Sharjah 9 (VPS9). The Foundation’s annual photography exhibition showcases works selected through an international open call that received 500 submissions this year, WAM reports. Presenting works by 53 photographers from 30 countries, the 2021 iteration of Vantage […]

    Post-apocalypse: when the reality is similar to science fiction

    The post-apocalypse issues continue to tickle the nerves of modern readers and viewers. The genre is gradually merging with reality: from January 2020, you will not surprise anyone with the scenario of the disease of all humankind with an unknown virus. And the climate on Earth in recent years presents us with weather disasters, too. […]

    Car-killing houses and polar bears like migrants: new eco-cartoons

    The last four years presented a gift to the festival audience: a selection of short animated films from different countries on eco-topics. In our review, we will mention all genres, from satirical comedy to post-apocalyptic drama. It is gratifying that animation in the nature conservation genre is supported by the efforts of enthusiasts and cultural […]

    The world’s deepest diving swimming pool in Dubai is now open to public

    The world’s deepest swimming pool for diving, Deep Dive Dubai, is all set to throw open its doors to the public from July 28. Deep Dive Dubai announces that public bookings are now open online at Located in Dubai’s Nad Al Sheba, the pool at Deep Dive Dubai extends to a “breathtaking” depth of […]

    It rains for two months, and the nuclear bomb explodes: the “Years and Years” series

    Since January 2020, reality is more and more like the plot of a science fiction action movie. No wonder the Madrid creative agency “Brother,” amid the pandemic, published a creative: it highlights that the actual events accurately conveyed the spirit of the series “Black Mirror.” To declare this, they installed mirrors in public places. “Season […]