“Don’t look up”: the satire movie did not impress critics but captured social networks

    09 Jan 2022

    Netflix’s new movie “Don’t Look Up” was released just a few days ago, but has already garnered very mixed reviews. Opinion leaders call the film “genius” and film experts “far-fetched.”

     Modern satire starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence has won the favor of social media, although it has been well received by film critics.

    Let’s get acquainted with the Chas News review on “Don’t Look Up” reactions. 


    Satire on modernity and a full cast of stars

    In his film, director Adam McKay has collected a collection of world-famous actors. Starring Jennifer Lawrence (University of Michigan graduate student Kate Dibiaski) and Leonardo DiCaprio (Professor Randall Mindy). Minor characters were played by actors such as Timothy Shalome, Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Ariana Grande and others.




    The film begins with the main characters noticing a meteorite in the sky that flies to Earth and collides with it in six months.

    “Don’t Look Up” misses the usual appearance of a hero who will save everyone for Armageddon movies. Instead, scientists meet with President Jane Orlin (Meryl Streep) to tell her about the danger. She suggests “waiting and assessing the situation” instead of looking for a way out.

    As a result, Kay and Randall are forced to bring information about the catastrophe to humanity and face a lot of problems on their way that send viewers to real phenomena, politicians, the media and more.

    The inevitable fall of a meteorite is an analogy to global warming, which humanity is trying to cope with now.


    Critics react to “Don’t Look Up”

    Experts from the film industry evaluated the film differently. For example, Peter Bradshaw in The Guardian gave the film two stars out of five and called it “far-fetched and artificial”, noting that it “lacks real humor”.

    David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporter said that the satirical weight of the film is completely offset by extra characters and unjustified involvement of stars in the film.

    It is probably appropriate that in 2021 we received a film about the end of the world we deserve – a cynical, smug satire stuffed with stars, which allegedly demonstrates the neglect of politicians and the media by the climate crisis, but in fact simply trivializes “Dr. Strangelove”, (but) it is not (the same), ” said the critic.

    Tori Brasier of Metro staged the film three stars, calling it “the most depressing film on Christmas Eve.” And Peter Debruj of Variety spoke even more sharply, calling “Don’t look up” a “smug political satire” that people are “stupid and can’t agree on anything.”

    Critic Ian Freer, however, awarded the film four stars, although he called the characters “not very deep.”

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