About EcoLife

    The world survived the COVID-19 pandemic. It has shown humanity just how fragile our civilization truly is; how much it depends on our harmony with nature.

    The people have grown increasingly concerned with the state and the future of the planet we inhabit. The time for eco-news, eco-analysis and public discussion is now.

    Our project is dedicated to nature conservation in the Gulf countries, many of which have committed to environmental protection on the state level.

    Our goal:

    • keep you updated on the latest ecological news;
    • unite people prepared to fight for the future of our shared home, the countries of the Persian Gulf, around the project

    Our mission is to change the attitude of the masses to environmental protection.

    Each of us must take part in caring for mother nature.

    We no longer expect the government to solve the eco-crisis for us.

    We seek to mobilize public opinion and become a voice for those who speak on behalf of nature conservation.

    Contact email – a.sudakov@ecolife.ae