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    RTA ramps up power-saving, recycling, waste management initiatives

    DUBAI, 12th May, 2022 (WAM) — Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is making every effort to enhance the sustainability of all services and operations. The drive is part of efforts to provide vital support to the Dubai Government’s efforts to make Dubai the most sustainable and happiest city in the world. The CEO of […]

    The battery set to transform renewable energy
    03 May 2022

    We all know that renewable energy will play a pivotal role if we’re to decarbonise the environment. One of the key challenges with alternative power sources, such as wind and solar, is storing what they produce at scale. But scientists at the University of Jena think they may have found the solution. They have developed […]

    Can carbon-capture plants achieve global net-zero emissions?

    In Iceland, a plant that takes carbon dioxide from the air and turns it into stone could offer a glimpse of what a net-zero world might look like. A facility called Orca, near Reykjavik, has been described as the largest plant of its kind in the world, although its activities come at a high price. Operational since last […]

    Emirates Food Security Council meeting discusses global food security challenges

    DUBAI, 27th March, 2022 (WAM) — The Emirates Food Security Council examined global food security challenges and their local repercussions during its first meeting of 2022, chaired by Mariam bint Mohammed Almheiri, Minister of Climate Change and Environment. The gathering drew the participation of the Council’s members from the ranks of concerned federal and local […]

    How UAE can achieve net zero despite growing population

    Countries such as the UAE can still aim for net zero, even though their populations and economies are growing fast, a leading decarbonisation expert has said while on a visit to the country. A focus on renewable energy and technologies, such as carbon capture and storage, can aid efforts to cut carbon emissions, according to Prof Mercedes Maroto-Valer. […]

    Space: It’s getting too crowded up there

    Let’s read the opinion written by Ranvir S. Nayar, managing editor of Media India Group. *** China last month lodged a protest at the UN, accusing American billionaire Elon Musk’s SpaceX of irresponsible and unsafe behavior in space and of twice forcing its Tiangong space station to take evasive action. Days earlier, it was the […]

    Internet of animals. How digitalization will change the relationship between humans and nature

    The Internet of Animals may follow the Internet of People and the Internet of Things. At least, Knife author thinks so. Let’s read the full story.  People, pets, livestock, wild birds, and mammals will become participants in a common communicative space (just one example: in Bashkiria, agricultural specialists manage the herd via the Internet, controlling […]

    What we are reading today: Robot Ecology by Magnus Egerstedt

    Robots are increasingly leaving the confines of laboratories, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities, venturing into agriculture and other settings where they must operate in uncertain conditions over long timescales. According to the Arab News, this multidisciplinary book draws on the principles of ecology to show how robots can take full advantage of the environments they inhabit, […]

    Majarra and MIT Technology Review Arabia announce the winners of the 2021 Innovators Under 35 Awards

    Majarra and MIT Technology Review Arabia have announced the winners of the 4th Innovators Under 35 Awards. The awards honor young Arab innovators from around the world, showcasing their efforts in creating innovative solutions, Arab News reports. MIT Technology Review Arabia, along with 21 distinguished judges from various sectors including technology, AI, biology, medical, and […]

    Endless pleasure implants. Will we trade our lives for brain stimulation?

    The first neurostimulators are already beginning to appear on the market: some show effectiveness in the treatment of depression, others heal sexual dysfunction. Fantastic stories about people whose mental state depends on electrical brain stimulation will become a reality within a few years. Futurism magazine discussed with experts what challenges await us when neuro implants […]