His Excellency Dr. Thani Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment for the United Arab Emirates

    We need everyone to make the world sit up, listen and pay attention to climate change. Governments cannot do it alone. We need each person on planet Earth to do his part, to ensure that we really protect our planet. We have to reduce the wastage we have to look after the resources.

    His Excellency Dr. Thani Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment for the United Arab Emirates

    Turn off your lights whenever they’re not needed. Turn off your air conditioning, and reduce your water consumption – it’s a very valuable resource.

    HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman, Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

    We are increasingly aware of the urgent need to take good care of our priceless natural heritage, and the more so as Dubai is expanding so fast. The Reserve protects our last unspoiled desert and unique Arabian way of life for future generations to enjoy.

    H.E. Dr. Abdullah Belhaif Al Nuaimi, UAE Minister of Climate Change and Environment

    People and the planet don’t experience energy and food in silos, so we as advocates of Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement must not separate them either. Today, I have heard clear logic and political commitment for designing summit outcomes that strengthen energy, food, and climate services at the same time.


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