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    The fourth movie about a world where the Sun is not visible: “The Matrix makes any idea trivial”

    The miracle that the fans have been waiting for for 18 years has finally appeared – the fourth film of “The Matrix” franchise, with the logical name “Resurrection,” was released on the screens. Films of 1999-2003 have reliably entered pop culture along with “Aliens” and “Terminators,” gained a loyal audience… And the US movie businessmen […]

    “Woman at War”: Icelandic film about non-standard nature protection

    We used to watch movies about nature primarily as documentaries. Thanks to the first ones, such as the BBC or Cousteau‘s films in the 1980s, some species of plants and animals were filmed for the first time in history. In the “Symphony of the Rainforest” movie in the early 1990s, Marian variegated pigeon was filmed […]

    Stay Safe, Stay Home. Wear a REUSABLE mask!

    During the COVID-19 pandemic and now the new emerging Omnicron we are all urged to wear a face mask in public areas. However, the impact of discarded single-use face masks has a dramatic effect on the environment which may well lead to a global, hazardous threat to our oceans and health. According to the maths, […]


    It’s that time of the year again, except I have my inner eco-warrior voice in my head, telling me to watch out for Mother-Earth-unfriendly items. Yes, they may shine, they may attract the eye, compelling all with their dazzle and glitter. Those beautiful Christmas trees, some already mounted, ready to go home, with imitation snow […]

    Thanks to COP26, states, and businesses will become “greener”

    What are the prospects for the commitments of countries after the CPC26? Let’s get to know. Due to the active interest of the participants in the COP26, there is a sense of risk this year – something must happen soon with business and our homes. But there is a second feeling – of opportunities. There […]

    LYES YAHIAOUI, Enviroserve CEO: «Recycling waste is not just for environment, we made it a lucrative business»

    Exclusive interview with Enviroserve.   The problem of electronic waste disposal has been a growing concern in the world for a while now. So much so that in 2018, the World Economic Forum in Davos saw a presentation of a report on this topic called “A New Circular Vision for Electronics: Time for a Global […]

    Approaching a Third industrial revolution: let’s talk about “new media”

    The modern era is a clash of several trends. On the one hand, many countries have moved from the era of “industrialism” to “post-industrialism,” or the information society. If this was relevant only for Western countries in the 70s, now it applies to almost all GCC countries. In Western sociology and political science, the American […]

    What matters more in COP26 news: climate pledges of the world leaders or their private flights?

    Eco-activist Max Zalewski made me think about private jets on COP26. He asked a topical question to all conspiracy theorists: how did you imagine the daily lives of the world elite? Forbes and the BBC published articles about world leaders who flew to Glasgow for the climate summit on private planes, then ate venison and […]

    How to save nature without running away from society: lessons from three movies

    Today we will devote our review to three movies with a common theme – how far is a person protesting against a consumer society ready to go? This topic has been exciting the minds for many years, and one of its most striking manifestos is the book “Walden; or, Life in the Woods” by Henry […]

    Philip Dick’s legacy: will you have compassion for the last animals on Earth?

    In recent times, there is hardly a person who has not heard of the Hollywood franchise “Blade Runner”. Also in the old days thundered the dilogy “Total Recall” and the lesser-known action movie in two parts “Screamers”, as well as the films “Minority Report” and the series “The Man in the High Castle”. All these […]