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    Philip Dick’s legacy: will you have compassion for the last animals on Earth?

    In recent times, there is hardly a person who has not heard of the Hollywood franchise “Blade Runner”. Also in the old days thundered the dilogy “Total Recall” and the lesser-known action movie in two parts “Screamers”, as well as the films “Minority Report” and the series “The Man in the High Castle”. All these […]

    Soft power of Azraq eco-organization: Information is Key

    Founded in 2018, Azraq NGO is a very young organization. But in a short period of its existence, it was able to turn into a nationwide environmental protection movement. Their eco-projects are impressive not only because of their diversity, though they include everything from protection of sharks and dolphins, planting mangrove seedlings, and cleaning beaches […]

    Steppe soils are a blessing for humanity, but humans use them for the destruction of natural ecosystems

    Great catastrophes come from human’s unwillingness to comply with the laws of nature, from his reluctance to understand that hunger cannot be quenched by ravaging the earth. Jean Dorst, French zoologist.   Let’s continue the conversation about whether agriculture can harm wildlife started in my previous column. Looking ahead, we will answer this question. It […]

    Living organisms form the global state of the planet

    “The daily lives of so many people pass among the dead creations of their hands that they have lost the ability to understand living creatures.” Konrad Lorenz, Austrian zoologist, Nobel Prize winner.   Let’s continue our acquaintance with how living organisms have formed ecosystems on the planet, on the example of the steppes. I thank […]

    Dr. Eisa M. Abdellatif, CTA Zayed Intl. Foundation for the Environment: “Microplastics in the ocean can cause rapid rise of cancer cases”

    The Zayed International Foundation for the Environment was established in 1999 by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and ruler of the Emirate of Dubai. It was meant to commemorate the heritage of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the Father of the country, who […]

    Steppes: the last islands of nature

    The last islands of wildlife are hidden among the network of cities and industrial giants of Eurasia. These are the last pearls of the once majestic ecosystem. Let’s talk today about the steppes. I thank eco-activist Oleksiy Burkovsky and zoologist Oleksiy Vasyliuk, the screenwriters of the documentary “Torsky Steppes,” for helpful information. Global conditions on […]

    Are “eco-capitalism” and cities with innovative industries possible?

    The countries of the Gulf are now similar to the countries of the West, the “second world” (post-Soviet) and the whole civilized world with an unprecedented concentration of capital, population and business opportunities in cities. However, there’s 2021 today, and cities no longer attract new residents by those industries that flourished in the middle of […]

    Post-apocalypse: when the reality is similar to science fiction

    The post-apocalypse issues continue to tickle the nerves of modern readers and viewers. The genre is gradually merging with reality: from January 2020, you will not surprise anyone with the scenario of the disease of all humankind with an unknown virus. And the climate on Earth in recent years presents us with weather disasters, too. […]

    Car-killing houses and polar bears like migrants: new eco-cartoons

    The last four years presented a gift to the festival audience: a selection of short animated films from different countries on eco-topics. In our review, we will mention all genres, from satirical comedy to post-apocalyptic drama. It is gratifying that animation in the nature conservation genre is supported by the efforts of enthusiasts and cultural […]

    The “sixth global extinction” has already begun, and its cause is humanity

    Elizabeth Kolbert’s book, “The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History,” was a “hit” in 2014 among the nature conservation community. The author received the Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction for the book in 2015. Its title will intrigue those unfamiliar with the most recent theories of mass extinction. Kolbert (born 1961) is an American journalist, author, […]