As part of its project EcoLife has two branches EcoClean and EcoArt.


    EcoClean has been providing a broad range of cleaning services for 4 years already. It deeply committed to the environment and and uses only eco friendly, non toxic products that are harmless for you, your pet and home. Its team consists of only dependable, honest and professional cleaners and offers an unbeatable service, reliability and levels of customer care that have set an industry standard.



    EcoArt is passionate about the environment and committed to a healthy lifestyle. The company strives to be as environmentally friendly as possible and it’s goal is to bring green and healthy conditions to the interior of their clients.

    EcoArt offers unique moss pictures that can be placed in every environment. The products the company produces stand out because of its quality and modernity. All the pictures are authorship, custom designed and can be made by individual wishes.