Water resources

    Scientists have found plastic in the vast majority of the world’s drinking water

    Scientists have studied drinking water samples around the world. It turned out that 83% of them contain microscopic plastic fibers. Microplastic contamination has been found in tap water in countries around the world, leading to calls from scientists for urgent research on the implications for health, The Guardian states. Scores of tap water samples from […]

    Thousands protest in a dry riverbed in central Iran

    Thousands of Iranians gathered in a dried-up riverbed in the central city of Isfahan to protest mismanagement of water resources, state media reported. Farmers and their supporters carried signs reading “Where is my Zayandeh River?” as they stood on the cracked ground where the Zayandehrood River once flowed, next to the famous Khaju bridge, Rudaw […]

    The pink water body in northern Qatar goes viral on social media

    A pink water body found in the north of Qatar has become a viral topic on social media after some Twitter users posted pictures and videos of the same. It was not clear yet why the water is pink in color, but officials from the Ministry of Environment have collected samples from the stream for […]

    Drought, dams, and dry rivers: Iraqi farmers are giving up hope

    Iraqi farmers face drought, a significant drop in annual rainfall, and growing salinity in the once water-rich country. Let’s check Middle East Eye story about it, written in 2018. *** The blazing sun beats down on Mohammed Khalil Ibrahim as he points to what is left of his date palms and the damage caused by […]

    Before the flood: Turkey’s new dam set to wash away past despite uncertain future

    Turkey’s new Ilisu dam will flood villages and ancient sites. In Iraq, it could also deepen a water crisis, Middle East Eye warned in 2019. The Ilısu Dam is a concrete-face rock-fill dam on the Tigris near the village of Ilısu and along the border of Mardin and Şırnak Provinces in Turkey. It is one […]

    UAE leverages cloud seeding to tackle water scarcity locally, regionally, and globally

    The UAE has adopted state-of-the-art technologies to ensure the sustainability of water resources mainly fed by precipitation, as part of the country’s leading role in tackling the most pressing global issues that demand urgent action, including water security, WAM reports. Cloud seeding plays a crucial role in reengineering the planet earth through mitigating drought, enhancing […]

    Water crisis forces Iraq to reduce winter crop area further

    This year, Iraq will halve its cultivation area for winter crops as the country tries to conserve water amid a crippling shortage that shows no sign of abating. The shortage is caused by insufficient rainfall and dams built on major rivers in Turkey and Iran, The National News states. The decision, announced by the Ministry […]

    Egypt eyes quadrupling desalination capacity in 5 years

    Water-scarce Egypt aims to more than quadruple desalination capacity by granting private companies concessions from its sovereign wealth fund to build 17 plants with sustainable solar energy over the next five years. The plan fits into Egypt’s push to diversify its freshwater sources for a fast-growing population as it faces competition for Nile river water […]

    Why Turkey should swap military strikes for water diplomacy

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has voiced his anger over the killing of two Turkish policemen by Kurdish forces in Syria, describing the attack as “the final straw” and warning that Ankara will take decisive action to eliminate what it views as a terrorist threat against its citizens. However, can Turkey be sure another military […]

    Saudi Arabia launches ‘G20 Water Platform’

    The Group of Twenty (G20) Wednesday launched the “G20 Water Platform” which was established, hosted, and supervised by the Kingdom during the first five years, Saudi Gazette states. The platform’s launch came during the second meeting of the Water Dialogue hosted by Italy (remotely), in which the Italian Minister of Environmental Transformation, the Indonesian Minister […]