Water resources

    Outlook for the blue economy

    A handful of hyper-productive fisheries provide sustenance to a billion people and employ tens of millions. These fisheries occur on the eastern edges of the world’s oceans — off the West Coast of the U.S., the Canary Islands, Peru, Chile, and Benguela. There, a process called upwelling brings cold water and nutrients to the surface, […]

    Abu Dhabi launches Middle East’s most advanced marine research vessel

    Abu Dhabi has launched the Middle East’s most advanced marine research vessel that will help in efforts to safeguard marine life in the emirate. The vessel Jaywun ― a term that symbolises one of the finest and most valuable types of pearl ― will enable the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD) to monitor and assess the marine environment and biodiversity. […]

    Where to find more water: eight unconventional resources to tap

    As climate change worsens, and with populations rising worldwide, water shortages are a top threat to human development and security. One in four people on Earth face shortages of water for drinking, sanitation, agriculture and economic development. Water scarcity is expected to intensify in regions like the Middle East and North Africa region, which has 6% of the global population […]

    UAE to plant 100 million mangroves by 2030 through National Carbon Sequestration Project
    19 Dec 2022

    Abu Dhabi: As part of its efforts to implement the UAE’s strategic initiative to achieve Net Zero by 2050, the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE) announced on Saturday the roadmap for the ‘National Carbon Sequestration Project’, which aims to plant 100 million mangroves by 2030 across the coutry. The declaration came during the […]

    Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, Fresh Water Norway sign agreement to explore expanding water supply chain

    Dubai: Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Fresh Water Norway, aiming to explore expanding the water supply chain and bolster water security in the region. The collaboration, which stands to support Fresh Water Norway’s UAE foothold and expand its water supply chain throughout the region, could see a […]

    How UAE works to protect water supplies – and what you can do to help

    Given that it receives little rainfall and is far from overflowing with lakes and rivers, the UAE has achieved a remarkable feat in growing its population while ensuring that there is enough water to go around. In the middle of the 20th century, there were 70,000 people living in what became the Emirates, but now […]

    Iran and Turkmenistan among methane ‘super emitters’ spotted by Nasa from space

    Nasa scientists have begun tracking the world’s largest methane emission spots from space and found sites in the US, Turkmenistan and Iran that are classed as “super emitters”. Data is being gathered by the Earth Surface Mineral Dust Source (EMIT) mission, which involves a piece of specially designed kit called a spectrometer which was attached to the International Space Station […]

    DEWA’s High-Water Usage Alert service helps to reduce 217,370 tons of carbon emissions

    DUBAI, 16th August, 2022 (WAM) — Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has announced that its High-Water Usage Alert service has helped to reduce 217,370 tons of carbon emission since its launch three years ago and until 30th June 2022. These reductions were from identifying 1,062,781 water leakage reports, 23,199 defects, and 11,566 cases of […]

    Using latest technologies, SWRO, IWP enhance UAE’s competitiveness in water sustainability

    DUBAI, 29th June, 2022 (WAM) — The state-of-the-art infrastructure of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), adopting innovation and the latest tools for anticipating the future, and sound scientific planning have helped it keep pace with the growing demand for water in Dubai according to the highest standards of availability, reliability, and efficiency. DEWA’s total […]

    DEWA builds 3 water reservoirs worth AED550 million to enhance water security in Dubai

    DUBAI, 8th June, 2022 (WAM) — Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is increasing the storage capacity of desalinated water in Dubai to enhance water security. DEWA is building three water reservoirs in different parts of Dubai. The water reservoirs will include one in the Nakhali area with a storage capacity of 120 MIG and […]