Water resources

    Saudi Arabia launches ‘G20 Water Platform’

    The Group of Twenty (G20) Wednesday launched the “G20 Water Platform” which was established, hosted, and supervised by the Kingdom during the first five years, Saudi Gazette states. The platform’s launch came during the second meeting of the Water Dialogue hosted by Italy (remotely), in which the Italian Minister of Environmental Transformation, the Indonesian Minister […]

    In India, the government recognized rivers as living beings. In many other countries, they received the status of a legal entity

    Indian government recognized rivers as living beings to protect watercourses at the legal level. Both eco-activists and the indigenous people are fighting for this. In order for this movement to gain worldwide recognition, a special Declaration of the Rights of the Rivers was developed, which anyone can sign. (You can see on the cover the […]

    Gulf waters already changing ‘dramatically’ due to global warming, research finds

    The warm waters of the Middle East are already changing dramatically due to global warming, with sea levels and temperatures rising and marine biodiversity affected. Fish stocks are declining, and critical habitats such as coral reefs, mangroves, salt marshes, and seagrasses are degrading across the region, three UK reports focusing on the Middle East have […]

    Five lakes in the Middle East at risk of drying up

    The Middle East is at the forefront of the global climate crisis, with temperatures frequently crossing the 50° C mark in some parts of the region. Rising temperatures and mismanagement are contributing to water insecurity and could lead to environmental crises. High temperatures combined with accompanying droughts, erratic rainfall patterns, and environmental mismanagement, risk leaving […]

    “The most water-stressed region on Earth”. How the Arab League is pursuing a goal of environmental protection

    As the most prominent representative of the Arab world in the international community, can the Arab League yield major results for a region struggling with desertification, water scarcity, and other environmental issues? Let’s check the answer presented by Austin Bodett in the New Arab. The author is a writer specializing in the Arab world. His […]

    Why water has become a luxury commodity and how to divide all 3% of the fresh water on Earth

    While we forget to turn off the tap when brushing our teeth, the world is already calling water “blue gold of the XXI century” and “new oil.” These names emphasize that water supplies are dwindling, and our needs are increasing. Today it becomes evident that this everyday blessing is, actually, a luxury that is not […]

    Water donation campaign lasts in four Iranian drought-ridden provinces

    The Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) started on Tuesday a campaign for the fourth time intending to provide sustainable water in four provinces suffering from drought, IRNA reported on Tuesday. The long-standing 20-year-old drought in the region is forcing many to have to provide their water from tank trucks delivering water to the areas. The […]

    Omani wins first GCC water innovation prize

    Dr. Mohammed Zahir al Abri, Associate Professor of Petroleum and Chemical Engineering at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU)’s Engineering College, won the first edition of the GCC Water Innovation Prize, Oman Observer reports. Al Abri, who is also the Director of the Nanotechnology Research Centre at the SQU, was awarded the prize for research on safe […]

    Arab Water Forum opened in Dubai with the participation of 22 countries

    Suhail bin Mohammed Al Mazrouei, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, on September 21 inaugurated the 5th Arab Water Forum (AWF5) at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Dubai. There’s more than 600 delegates and participants from 22 Arab countries. Minister pledged their strong commitment to water security for peace and sustainable development in the Arab World. […]

    The power of soil: How MENA precarious climate shaped the Arab Spring

    The history of the Middle East, and the recent teachings of the 2010-11 uprisings, highlight an important lesson: ignore ecological integrity at your peril. Let’s check what Olivia Lazard states on this issue. *** In 149 BC, Marcus Porcius Cato – a politician, soldier and citizen dedicated to the study of agriculture – saw a […]