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    Kurdish environmentalists release vulture back into the wild in Iran

    A Kurdish environmental organization released a vulture back into the wild on September 14, three months after it was found injured on a public street in Paveh, Kermanshah province. Zhiway Pawa Society, a local NGO for environment protection and animal rights, treated the vulture, mending its broken wings. “Some locals found the vulture on a […]

    On the campaign trail, Iraq’s would-be lawmakers ignore the climate crisis
    17 Oct 2021

    Election campaigns and slogans have filled social media, the airways, and the streets of Iraq for the past month. Candidates vying for votes are promising citizens a better future, but these prospective lawmakers have failed to address one of the biggest issues facing Iraq – the climate crisis, Rudaw states. “This concerns me greatly,” Rosetta […]

    An official at Iraqi Kurdistan region praises UAE’s environmental protection efforts

    Abdulrahman Sadiq, Chairman of the Environmental Protection and Improvement Board of Iraq’s Kurdistan Region, has praised the UAE’s experience in protecting and improving the environment, and the pivotal role which the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan played in building nature reserves. This came during his meeting with Ahmed Al Dhaheri, UAE Consul-General to […]

    COVID-19 and environmental sustainability in Iraq: UNDP report

    Let’s have a look on the important document about the impact of COVID-19 on environmental sustainability in Iraq. It’s the fifth in a series released by UNDP on the effects of COVID-19 in Iraq. The authors emphasize how the pandemic has exacerbated Iraq’s environmental fragility. It was already affected by legacies of conflict, lack of […]

    Iraq struggles with environmental challenges (in pictures)
    06 Oct 2021

    We’ve found an impressive compilation of the photos made by The National News. Few of them are masterpieces of art photography. Let’s have a look at the pictures carefully.     The dried-up and cracked surface of what used to be marshland at Chibayish.   A boy walks along through an almost empty irrigation channel […]

    The cradle of Iraq’s ecosystem: Mesopotamian Marshes in desperate need of environmental protection
    05 Oct 2021

    One of Iraq’s most enchanting ecological treasures, the Mesopotamian Marshes, is under severe threat from increased environmental degradation, having endured the wrath of Saddam and now the consequences of climate change. Let’s get to know what Austin Bodetti told about Iraqi marshes in a story for the New Arab. *** Compared to the same time […]

    Iraqi Kurdistan Region faces challenges to end flaring
    30 Sep 2021

    The Kurdistan Region has given oil companies 18 months to stop flaring associated gas, a toxic byproduct of crude oil production that has been burned off at the Region’s oil fields since day one. The move would end the environmentally damaging practice. Still, it is unclear whether the Kurdistan Region will be able to make […]

    The rise in Iraqi cancer cases may be linked to wars, the environment

    Director of the Environmental Department in southern Iraq Walid Hamid said May 21 that “Ministry of Health statistics indicate that 2,000 cases of cancer are recorded annually due to oil flares that release toxic gases into the air as a result of extraction operations in the Basra fields.” He criticized oil companies for their disregard […]

    A toxic legacy: remediating pollution in Iraq

    As the so-called Islamic State lost control over the areas it once occupied, it left behind a toxic legacy. The initial findings of a scoping mission undertaken by UN Environment Programme’s Conflict and Disasters branch found a trail of localized pollution that could have acute and chronic consequences for Iraq – and not just for […]

    Without help for oil-producing countries, net-zero by 2050 is a distant dream
    07 Sep 2021

    To meet climate targets and avoid economic collapse, countries such as Iraq need international support in the transition to clean energy, Ali Allawi and Fatih Birol state in the article for The Guardian. Ali Allawi is deputy prime minister and finance minister of Iraq. Fatih Birol is the executive director of the International Energy Agency. […]