Qatar keen on protecting, sustaining environment for present and future generations: minister

    27 Dec 2021

    HE the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Sheikh Dr. Faleh bin Nasser bin Ahmed bin Ali al-Thani commended the slogan “Ancestral Meadows: A Matter of Trust” to celebrate Qatar’s National Day, noting that this indicates the State’s great interest in environmental issues, to achieve comprehensive and sustainable development for present and future generations and that the environment has – for the first time – taken a distinguished position in the slogan of the National Day.

    In a statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA) on the occasion of the National Day, the minister said that under the wise leadership of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, Qatar has established its great interest in the environment through achieving sustainable environmental development, which has been interpreted into goals and projects in the Qatar National Environment and Climate Change Strategy (QNE).

    This was also demonstrated by the role of the environment and environmental development as one of the four main pillars of Qatar National Vision 2030, he added, stressing that achieving this vision is a national responsibility for all.

    Represented by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, Qatar, through its accession to many international agreements that enhance efforts to protect the environment and its sustainability, realizes the importance of both of these concepts and the close interrelationship between them he said.

    He pointed out the variety of the ministry’s activities that are aimed at achieving the goal of protecting the environment and its sustainability, including the ongoing efforts to preserve vegetation cover and the rehabilitation of Qatar’s mainland as well as the gardens, in addition to reviewing studies and projects to address the phenomenon of climate change, and evaluating the environmental impact of projects and programs that may affect the environment, and thus the health of community members.

    In this context, the minister stressed that the increase in the volume of community participation in environmental activities and events proves the high level of environmental awareness among the various individuals and segments of society, explaining that it contributes to change and improvement of peoples behavioral patterns towards the country’s environmental resources.

    With the participation of several governmental and non-governmental bodies, as well as community members, the ministry celebrates this glorious occasion through its participation in organizing environmental exhibitions to raise awareness on wildlife, and presenting images from the Qatari terrestrial and marine environment, to introduce its natural diversity and ecological importance, in addition to an exhibition of local wild plants, he said.

    He emphasized that organizing such events plays an active role in raising awareness of the importance of protecting and preserving the homeland environment and its components and natural resources.


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