Environmental documentary narrated by Alec Baldwin delays release

    27 Dec 2021

    The theatrical and digital release of ‘Flint: Who Can You Trust?’, an environmental documentary narrated by Alec Baldwin, has been postponed, its director said, following the fatal shooting of a cinematographer on the set of the actor’s movie ‘Rust’, The Peninsula Qatar states.

    Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was killed and director Joel Souza was injured when a revolver that Baldwin was using during rehearsal discharged. The actor had been told the gun was not loaded, according to court documents.

    While the production of ‘Rust’ has been paused, Flint, which is about the 2014 water crisis in Flint, Michigan, was scheduled to open on Friday across theaters in the United States.



    “We’ve postponed the US theatrical & digital release of @FlintTheMovie following recent tragic events out of respect. Enabling the #Flint residents’ story to be heard remains hugely important to me and we will ensure the film’s release at a later date,” Anthony Baxter, the documentary’s director, said in a tweet.

    The documentary captures the water crisis in the city after it switched its public water source from Lake Huron to the Flint River to cut costs during a financial crisis.

    However, the corrosive river water caused lead to leach from pipes, and the city switched back to Lake Huron water the following year.

    Court records have shown that more than 25,000 people were harmed through exposure to contaminants in Flint.


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