Qatar fights against climate change with expanded fish farming
    15 May 2021

    Qatari initiatives to expand fish farming in Gulf waters can prevent the depletion of resources caused by the impact of climate change, Doha News reports. Depletion of fishery stocks has prompted Qatar to expand fish farming efforts in offshore Gulf waters. At the same time the demand for fresh produce in local markets grows. Research […]

    Business-as-usual leads to disaster. In 20 years, temperatures in the Middle East and North Africa will rise to 56° C
    12 May 2021

    In the summer months, temperatures in the Middle East and North Africa will rise to an ultra-extreme 56°C due to global warming. Business-as-usual will lead to super and ultra-extreme heatwaves in the region. This is stated in a study by the Center for Climate and Atmospheric Research (CARE-C) of the Cyprus Institute and the Max […]

    Planting of 50 billion trees. The “Green Saudi” and the “Green Middle East” initiatives
    11 May 2021

    In March 2021, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced the Saudi Green Initiative and the Middle East Green Initiative — two bold plans to combat climate change and protect the environment. These projects demonstrate the Kingdom’s commitment towards a greener, more sustainable Saudi Arabia. “This green drive has improved the urban landscape of cities, and […]