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    Dubai’s largest desalination plant on track for timely completion

    Utico today stated that the record-breaking world’s lowest water tariff project, the Hassyan Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO), is on course for timely completion. The project is well on track to achieve 50% completion by mid-2022, Khaleejtimes reports. The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) is the project shareholder along with Utico and 100% offtaker […]

    Qatar Airways sees ‘continual improvement’ in waste, water and energy use

    Qatar Airways is “achieving continual improvement” for its environmental performance in waste, water and energy use via ongoing projects such as reduction of single-use plastics on board, introduction of a waste segregation program that maximizes recycling and reusing at its corporate offices and Hamad International Airport among others, Gulf-Times reports. Other ongoing projects include the […]

    A plastic museum was opened in Indonesia

    In eastern Java, in Gresik County, a museum has opened, made up of ten thousand plastic bottles, bags, straws, and other waste. They were collected from beaches and littered rivers. The museum should remind about the ecological crisis and pollution of the oceans, Reuters reports. In the center of the exposition, there is a statue […]

    Ten practical things your plastic bottle has become

    Every minute, as much plastic waste as one garbage truck gets into the ocean. There are 170 million tons of plastic waste floating in the world’s oceans, and by 2050 their weight will exceed the total weight of fish. One of the solutions of the plastic problem is sustainable development: this is when companies turn […]

    Why people go crazy by the second hand, and brands see it a threat

    Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, second-hand was called the fastest growing segment of the fashion industry. By 2030, it should surpass the mass market, hundreds of millions of dollars are invested in it; it is worn by Kanye West and Kylie Jenner, and even fashion houses have to be considered platforms selling worn clothes. Now, […]

    The EU bans the sale of disposable plastic products

    From July 3, disposable products made of plastic should completely disappear from sale in the European Union. This is provided by the EU directive banning plastic utensils adopted in 2019, the dpa news agency reports. The ban came into force on disposable spoons, forks, knives, plates, drinking straws, cotton swabs, sticks for stirring, and holding […]

    Madrid’s mayor inaugurates the world’s first 100% recyclable Museum

    This is real eco-art! A museum designed to show the vital role that plastics play in our lives, as well as the possibilities that their reuse and recycling offer us was established in Spain. It was open to the public from May 8th to 16th with free access. On May 17th, World Recycling Day, it […]

    Reuse, reduce & recycle. Take a quick look

    Among environmentally minded people, there is a popular three-verb phrase “reuse, reduce, recycle” (or “3R”). If you adhere to these principles, you are close to a sustainable lifestyle. Let’s take a look at them. About recycle Zero waste is not about recycling, but about reducing consumption. Why? Because the real problem of modern humanity is […]