Ten practical things your plastic bottle has become

    04 Oct 2021

    Every minute, as much plastic waste as one garbage truck gets into the ocean. There are 170 million tons of plastic waste floating in the world’s oceans, and by 2050 their weight will exceed the total weight of fish. One of the solutions of the plastic problem is sustainable development: this is when companies turn waste into resources and turn them into things we are used to.

    Let’s check Knife compilation of functional (and beautiful) clothing and footwear, as well as household items made from PET bottles.

    Sneakers Nothing New


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    Nothing New has made these sneakers entirely from recycled materials: fishing nets, plastic bottles, rubber, and cork. One pair of shoes uses 5.6 plastic bottles and saves 605 liters of water.



    Batoko Swimwear



    Small English indie brand Batoko creates colorful swimwear from plastic trash. The company uses ocean waste, from which they make only one model, but in ten different prints. They are digitally printed onto fabrics and non-toxic inks. This printing method saves water and energy, making it one of the most environmentally friendly options available. The brand has already recycled 220,000 plastic bottles.


    Nike Space Hippie Trainers


    Sneakers are made partly from recycled plastic materials.

    Nike has sent over 7 billion plastic bottles from landfills for recycling since 2010. Each Space Hippie shoe is made up of at least 25-50% recycled waste. Watch the video on how they are made – it’s really cool.

    The Space Waste Yarn upper is made up of 90% recycled polyester, a material made from recycled plastic bottles, T-shirts, and yarn leftovers.

    The outsole contains approximately 12%  Nike Grind, which is made from recycled athletic shoes, apparel, and surplus industrial waste.


    Different models of Space Hippie

    These shoes are sold in boxes made from recycled materials and wood from responsible forestry. This is evidenced by the FSC label on the packaging, which means carbon dioxide emissions have been halved during production.


    Nike Air VAPORMAX 2020 Trainers


    Sneakers are made partly from recycled plastic materials.

    This model follows the principles behind the Nike Space Hippie. They are at least 50% recycled. For example, Flyknit fabric is 67% recycled industrial waste and other recycled materials, including plastic bottles.


    Adidas shoes and clothing

    Sneakers are made from oceanic plastic debris.


    Adidas has partnered with Parley company to launch sportswear made from oceanic plastic. But the percentage of recycled and virgin materials is not indicated in the models.


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    The eco-material, known as Ocean Plastic®, is made from plastic waste collected from the ocean’s shores. Every year, about 8 million tons of plastic waste enter the world’s oceans, which disintegrate into small pieces – microplastics. These fragments end up in the marine food chain, posing a severe threat to marine life and human health.


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    Parley operates globally, partnering with activists and governments worldwide to collect plastic waste from remote islands and coastlines. This is not just a cleaning, but also an educational program, especially for young people. The slogan of the company: “If the oceans die, we will die too.”

    By the way, for the first time, in 2020, Adidas used more than 50% recycled polyester in the manufacture of its products. Starting in 2024, the company plans to produce goods only from recycled polyester.


    Reusable King Bag


    The Kind Bag brand has created functional and sustainable bags to reduce plastic waste and replace at least some of the one trillion single-use plastic bags used each year with reusable counterparts. It takes six used plastic bottles to produce one bag.


    Muzzicycles Bicycle Frames

    Bicycle with a frame made from recycled PET bottles


    Uruguayan artist Juan Muzzi spent several years developing the world’s first bicycle with a frame made from recycled PET bottles. In 2011, these bicycles were marketed in many countries under the Muzzicycles brand. The production of one frame takes about 200 plastic bottles. The advantages of such a frame, in addition to objective environmental friendliness, are that it is lightweight, stainless and shockproof.


    Furniture and home accessories IKEA



    It takes about 740 0.5 liter plastic bottles to make one carpet. It can be placed on any type of flooring, even heated floors.


    Shower curtain

    A water-repellent polyester curtain made from plastic bottles, in the future it can also be sent for recycling.


    Kitchen. The cost depends on the kitchen project

    IKEA has created a whole eco-kitchen: recycled wood is used to produce chipboard facades, and the film is made from recycled plastic bottles. This means that creating such furniture does not require cutting down new trees and producing plastic from petroleum products.


    You may read about the US activist finding kilograms of fresh food and suitable things in New York dumps here.

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