A plastic museum was opened in Indonesia

    10 Oct 2021

    In eastern Java, in Gresik County, a museum has opened, made up of ten thousand plastic bottles, bags, straws, and other waste. They were collected from beaches and littered rivers. The museum should remind about the ecological crisis and pollution of the oceans, Reuters reports.

    In the center of the exposition, there is a statue of the goddess of fertility and welfare, Devi Sri. Her skirt was assembled from disposable plastic packaging.

    “These plastics are very difficult to recycle. Today we must stop using single-use plastic because it pollutes our ocean, where we get our food, ”said the founder of the museum Prigi Arisandi.

    Indonesia has the second-largest amount of plastic dumped into the ocean in the world. The first is in China. Together with the Philippines and Vietnam, these two countries are responsible for half of all ocean plastic.

    During the month, 400 people visited the plastic museum in Gresica.


    Earlier media reported that plastic had created a new ecosystem in the ocean. Scientists have named it “plastisphere.”

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