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    Oman: torrential rain floods wadis, six people killed
    08 Jan 2022

    Severe weather fronts have hit the Gulf region over the new year. Flooding in Oman, triggered by heavy rainfall that began on New Year’s Eve, has killed six people and left several towns completely cut off, The National News reports. Oman TV reported on January 1 that a man was found dead in his vehicle […]

    Parts of Oman receive heavy rainfall
    07 Dec 2021

    Khasab and nearby areas in Musandam have been receiving steady rainfall since November 29, Oman News reports. A weather bulletin issued by Oman today said rain accompanied by thunderstorms is likely over the governorates of Musandam, Muscat, North and South Batinah, Sharqiya region and Al Hajar mountains. Oman’s Meteorological Authority has been issuing periodic bulletins […]

    UAE leverages cloud seeding to tackle water scarcity locally, regionally, and globally

    The UAE has adopted state-of-the-art technologies to ensure the sustainability of water resources mainly fed by precipitation, as part of the country’s leading role in tackling the most pressing global issues that demand urgent action, including water security, WAM reports. Cloud seeding plays a crucial role in reengineering the planet earth through mitigating drought, enhancing […]

    Flash floods and unusual thunderstorms in Oman dampen Eid Al Adha spirit
    26 Aug 2021

    Heavy rain and thunderstorms hit several areas of Oman on Thursday causing floods, ruining crops and disrupting electricity supply a day before the start of the Eid Al Adha holidays, according to state-run Oman TV and The National News. Farmers in the northern Al Dakhaliya governorate said heavy rain have swept away their crops. “I […]

    Torrential rain lashed central China, leaving 21 dead
    18 Aug 2021

    Hundreds of homes were destroyed and almost 6,000 people were evacuated amid power cuts and landslides in Hubei province, The Guardian reports. Heavy rains killed 21 people and evacuated 6,000. Five cities in the central Chinese province of Hubei have declared a “red level of danger.” The rains destroyed nearly 3,000 homes and shops, and […]

    Tips: how to visit Salalah in Oman to see khareef this year
    20 Jul 2021

    Last week, the Oman Supreme Committee announced that, unlike the previous year, Dhofar will actually be opened for visits to residents and citizens who had taken the first dose of the vaccine, Oman Observer reports. This was welcomed with a sigh of relief by many tour operators, hotels, and restaurants operating in Salalah and the […]

    Floods in Europe: death toll rises to 170 in Germany and Belgium disaster
    19 Jul 2021

    In mid-July, downpours of historic intensity occurred in several regions of Western Europe, causing many rivers to overflow their banks. Particularly affected are areas in western Germany in the lands of North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate. According to German meteorologists, a monthly rainfall fell per night in some areas, and such rains have not been seen […]

    It’s raining in the UAE for the first time in the middle of summer: the successful testing of cloud seeding technologies
    19 Jul 2021

    While the world is suffering from record temperatures, the United Arab Emirates has used rain call technology. Heavy rainfall has been reported in several parts of the UAE since June 14, even though it is not common in the region at this time, haqqin.az reports. In the UAE, scientists have enhanced the rain in the […]

    Iran: Autumn rains likely to start later than normal
    06 Jul 2021

    Autumnal rainfall this year is likely to start later than usual in the country. Hence the drought period will be prolonged, Ahad Vazifeh, head of the national center for drought and crisis management, has said for Tehran Times. Since the beginning of the current water year (September 23, 2020), the whole country received 130 millimeters […]

    Urban development in the UAE may be limiting pollution levels, say scientists

    Khalifa University of Science and Technology scientists suggest the overall number of particles in the air has fallen in the UAE since 2009, The National reports. Urban development in the UAE may have helped to limit pollution levels. It happened due to reducing the amount of dust whipped up by the wind, according to new […]