It’s raining in the UAE for the first time in the middle of summer: the successful testing of cloud seeding technologies

    19 Jul 2021

    While the world is suffering from record temperatures, the United Arab Emirates has used rain call technology. Heavy rainfall has been reported in several parts of the UAE since June 14, even though it is not common in the region at this time, reports.

    In the UAE, scientists have enhanced the rain in the desert. With the help of technology, specialists have experienced an artificial challenge of precipitation. After that, the desert in the UAE literally flooded, although, in the daytime, there is a 50-degree heat in the country.

    Precipitation fell north of the village of Hatta in the UAE in the Hajar Mountains, in the areas of Wadi al-Khil, Kalba Road, and Huwailat. Rains have also been reported near the city of Al Ain and the UAE capital Abu Dhabi.

    Rainfall enhancement technology: what is known

    According to weather forecasters, what is happening is not a surprising coincidence but the result of particular technological experiments on the deliberate sowing of clouds over the UAE.

    Interestingly, precipitation is expected in Qatar – a neighboring country to the UAE. 

    The rains will intensify by the weekend, according to meteorologists. Rains are forecast there from July 17 to the middle of next week.

    There is no rain in this country in summer either, and at other times of the year, they fall only a few times throughout the year.

    The Sanad Academy in Dubai and scientists from the British University of Reading are actively developing relevant technologies. Since the spring, 2021, the tests have been taking place in the kingdom’s hot and arid regions. You may read about them here.

    Special drones are used for sowing clouds, which cause rain with the help of electric discharges in the clouds without the use of chemical compounds.

    Over the past autumn, winter and spring, it rained only a couple of times in the UAE.

    The drones caused rain by using electrical discharges in the clouds without the use of chemicals.As we mentioned here, initiatives like the UAE’s cloud-seeding program will lead to a fresh source of additional water. Still, there’s a lack of an effective mechanism to harness it, says Chandra Dake, founder of Dake Rechsand. This company has introduced products made from aeolian desert sand, which could revolutionize decentralized water harvesting.

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