Parts of Oman receive heavy rainfall

    07 Dec 2021

    Khasab and nearby areas in Musandam have been receiving steady rainfall since November 29, Oman News reports.

    A weather bulletin issued by Oman today said rain accompanied by thunderstorms is likely over the governorates of Musandam, Muscat, North and South Batinah, Sharqiya region and Al Hajar mountains. Oman’s Meteorological Authority has been issuing periodic bulletins informing public about the current situation.

    Khasab and nearby areas in Musandam have been receiving steady rainfall since yesterday with water rushing in some houses in the low-lying areas. Videos that show the overflowing wadis, and mountains streams have gone viral.



    As per the weather bulletin, heavy winds capable of lifting heavy objects are also expected today and in the coming days. Authorities have requested people to exercise caution as heavy winds with rains could cause flash floods inundating low-lying regions. Shinas, Liwa, Kumzar and Sohar towns were pounded with incessant rainfall since yesterday.

    The capital region was cloudy since morning with an early morning fog that cleared as the day progressed. Weather alerts for Tuesday indicated scattered rain in Muscat accompanied by thunderstorms. The Sea of Oman along with the northern coastline looked ruffled with winds and high waves. The Arabian Sea coast on the southern Oman side was comparatively calmer.


    On November 28, parts of northern Saudi Arabia were covered in a fine layer of hail and snow as temperatures plummeted to approximately 7° C. You may read more here.

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