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    Latin American countries join reserves to create a vast marine protected area

    Four Pacific-facing Latin American nations have committed to joining their marine reserves to form one interconnected area, creating one of the world’s richest pockets of ocean biodiversity. ‘Mega-MPA’ in Pacific will link waters of Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica to protect migratory turtles, whales and sharks from fishing fleets, The Guardian states. Panama, Ecuador, […]

    Q&A: How an Egyptian research team discovered a new species of 4-legged whale

    In 2008, during a discovery expedition organized by the Environment Ministry to search for whale fossils in the Fayoum desert, a team of scientists found a skull, jaw, two vertebrae, and several other whale bones among dozens of other fossils that the ministry collects for scientific research. For years, the head of the team, Mohamed […]

    Oman’s Dhofar in focus for tourism and environmental projects

    Sultan Haitham Bin Tariq Al Said has issued a Royal Decree establishing the Khor Kharfout Archaeological Reserve in Salalah, Gulf-News states. The decree brings to light this important biodiverse region located in Dhofar which has long been a favorite place for experts in this field. The reserve’s beach overlooking the Arabian Sea, is characterised by […]

    Greenpeace birthday: 50 years of activism

    Nature conservation in the world as a large-scale movement was launched after the first Earth Day, in April 1970. For the first time in history, people took to the streets to protect the environment in many US cities. In total, about 20 million people gathered. Almost all environmental NGOs in the world were founded after […]