Oman’s Dhofar in focus for tourism and environmental projects

    16 Sep 2021

    Sultan Haitham Bin Tariq Al Said has issued a Royal Decree establishing the Khor Kharfout Archaeological Reserve in Salalah, Gulf-News states.

    The decree brings to light this important biodiverse region located in Dhofar which has long been a favorite place for experts in this field.

    The reserve’s beach overlooking the Arabian Sea, is characterised by a beautiful bay, which is an exceptional habitat for attracting migratory birds. This is also an important destination for hiking and recreation enthusiasts, as well as for dolphin and whale watchers.

    The results of studies and field surveys showed the presence of 20 types of mammals, 193 types of birds, 20 types of reptiles, 183 types of plants, in addition to hundreds of types of invertebrates.

    The Khor Kharfout Archaeological Reserve is famous for being home to the finest grazing trees and also boasts of water sources. It is believed that the Khor was used as an ancient port for the export of frankincense. There are also a number of evidence and monuments that may tell the historical and cultural role of this area that has not yet been studied.

    In another key development, Oman’s Minister of Heritage and Tourism Salim Al Mahrouqi has confirmed that Dhofar region is all set for a cable car project that will give tourists a unique way to enjoy the country’s beauty. The minister said that the project would be set up in the picturesque locale of Darbat in Dhofar.

    Salalah is witnessing a comparatively better crowd this time as the Khareef season is nearing its fag end. Oman is looking keenly at developing infrastructure and adding newer facilities in the various local destinations that have potential to attract more visitors. Recently five adventure projects within Oman were approved by the Ministry of Tourism.

    Five Adventure Tourism projects in Oman are all set to open their doors soon – check them here.

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