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    Oman: torrential rain floods wadis, six people killed
    08 Jan 2022

    Severe weather fronts have hit the Gulf region over the new year. Flooding in Oman, triggered by heavy rainfall that began on New Year’s Eve, has killed six people and left several towns completely cut off, The National News reports. Oman TV reported on January 1 that a man was found dead in his vehicle […]

    Over the past 50 years, more than two million people have died due to climate change on the planet – the United Nations
    04 Jan 2022

    Over the years, natural disasters have damaged the world economy by $ 3.64 trillion. According to the World Meteorological Organization, the number of weather-related natural disasters has increased fivefold over the past 50 years. Scientists say that natural disasters have become more frequent due to climate change and more extreme weather conditions. However, deaths due […]

    Study: Winter tornadoes to get more powerful as the world warms
    21 Dec 2021

    Nasty winter tornadoes – like the deadly ones last week that hit five USA states – are likely to be stronger and stay on the ground longer with a wider swath of destruction in a warming world, a new study shows, AP reports. The combination of a longer and wider track with slightly stronger winds […]

    Climate change has made the weather the “enemy of humanity” – Financial Times
    21 Dec 2021

    Abnormal weather has become a “killer” due to the climate crisis. Climate change can make abnormal heat a habit. News of the “heat records” should not come as a shock, because humanity has long known that the planet is warming up, the Financial Times writes. What is striking about the news coverage of the recent […]

    Parts of Oman receive heavy rainfall
    07 Dec 2021

    Khasab and nearby areas in Musandam have been receiving steady rainfall since November 29, Oman News reports. A weather bulletin issued by Oman today said rain accompanied by thunderstorms is likely over the governorates of Musandam, Muscat, North and South Batinah, Sharqiya region and Al Hajar mountains. Oman’s Meteorological Authority has been issuing periodic bulletins […]

    Snowfall in Saudi Arabia: hailstorm blankets country’s northern city
    28 Nov 2021

    Parts of northern Saudi Arabia were covered in a fine layer of hail and snow on Sunday as temperatures plummeted to approximately 7° C. A picture shared by a social media user reportedly shows snowfall in the city of Qurayyat, Al Jawf Province. Images circulating on social media showed the white landscape in the city […]

    Researchers study cyclone-prone regions in Oman
    03 Nov 2021

    A study conducted by a team from the Sultan Qaboos University on the areas in Oman most prone to cyclones can help plan for future adverse weather events, Times of Oman reports. Published in July, the research studied the effect of cyclones in the governorates of Muscat, Al Batinah and Al Sharqiyah, which are at […]

    Extreme heat takes toll on Egypt’s archaeological heritage
    01 Nov 2021

    Extreme heat, in addition to rising sea levels, is having an impact on antiquities and cities overlooking the Mediterranean in Egypt. Egyptian archaeologists are sounding the alarm over the threat climate change and pollution are posing to the country’s unique ancient heritage, with an increasing number of wildfires and rising sea levels presenting a risk […]

    UAE leverages cloud seeding to tackle water scarcity locally, regionally, and globally

    The UAE has adopted state-of-the-art technologies to ensure the sustainability of water resources mainly fed by precipitation, as part of the country’s leading role in tackling the most pressing global issues that demand urgent action, including water security, WAM reports. Cloud seeding plays a crucial role in reengineering the planet earth through mitigating drought, enhancing […]

    NCM Director-General highlights the role of cloud seeding as the catalyst for reengineering earth

    Dr. Abdulla Al Mandous, Director-General of National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) and President of the Regional Association II (Asia) of the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), has participated in a panel session titled ‘Reengineering Planet Earth’ hosted by the World Majlis at Expo 2020 Dubai as part of the Climate and Biodiversity Week, WAM reports. In […]