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    The city with the world’s smallest carbon footprint is located in the UAE

    An innovative environmental project called “Sustainable City” was built in 2015 by Diamond Developers thirty kilometers from Dubai. Let’s get to know several facts about this place compiled by LC-Les. The territory of this eco-city is 46 hectares, on which are located 500 modern villas (all of them have already been sold or rented) and […]

    Paradox: bikes cause protests but help politicians to win an election

    Cycle paths are considered dangerous. A politician who dares to take away even an inch of land from motorists in favor of cycling runs the risk of losing the next election with a bang. In reality, oddly enough, the opposite is true: unpopular measures make mayors popular. Former New York City Transport Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan […]

    How city planners save urban dwellers from the heat

    Global temperatures are rising, and 2020 is the hottest year on record. Since the 19th century, the planet has warmed by more than one degree Celsius, which is especially noticeable now in large cities. In a built environment that is too often made of glass, steel, asphalt, and concrete, hazardous urban heat islands increase the […]

    Why do city inhabitants need these bike paths and sidewalks?

    London, New York, Paris, Bogota, Milan, Tel Aviv, Vilnius, and many others – almost every day from different cities around the world news comes about the gradual exit from quarantine and … the emergency creation of bike lanes, the expansion of sidewalks and the alteration of parking lots into verandas for a cafe. Why are […]

    Should we create miniature forests instead of parks in the world’s megacities?

    The Japanese botanist has figured out how to quickly grow a forest in the middle of the city. Now his services are in full swing in cities around the world, The Economist reports. Wild forests, which are described below, no longer need to be ennobled: in the world, fashion recommends creating the forest in the […]

    Micromobility – a new post-pandemic trend

    Half a thousand electric scooters were recently found at the bottom of the Rhine in Cologne, Germany. Their batteries contain cobalt, nickel, copper, and various acids. They can leak, and toxic substances will get into the water. This can offset the benefits of no emissions while driving these vehicles. However, the Mexican inventor Juanho Villegas […]