The city with the world’s smallest carbon footprint is located in the UAE

    27 Nov 2021

    An innovative environmental project called “Sustainable City” was built in 2015 by Diamond Developers thirty kilometers from Dubai.

    Let’s get to know several facts about this place compiled by LC-Les.

    The territory of this eco-city is 46 hectares, on which are located 500 modern villas (all of them have already been sold or rented) and live 2700 inhabitants. Along the perimeter of the city is delineated by clearly defined boundaries, which became two and a half thousand ten-meter trees. This is a reliable line of protecting the air from harmful substances and, as the citizens call it, a “buffer zone” with Dubai.

    In total, 10,000 trees have been planted in Sustainable City, and electricity is generated by powerful solar panels and wind towers, which provide the city with 100% clean energy. Thus, much more energy is produced here than is consumed.

    Also, 90% of waste is recycled in the city, and wastewater is completely disposed of thanks to papyrus biofilters. To introduce new circular economy technologies, the city authorities cooperate with large companies and startups that offer environmentally friendly approaches to composting.

    (The features of the fourth industrial revolution are the internet of things, circular economy, and blockchain. Read more here.)

    Interestingly, cars do not drive on the streets here at all. They either travel on peripheral roads outside the city or park in car parks at a distance of about 85 meters from each villa. Residents of Sustainable City travel the streets on foot, by bicycle, or by special electric buggy. In addition, such separation of the residential area from the parking place of vehicles improves the air condition and increases the level of road safety.

    In addition, for the first time in the world, Sustainable City has provided the free provision of residents with environmentally friendly means for cleaning houses. In the middle of the city is the CleanCore Solutions station, which provides citizens with clean water ozone (AO), an environmentally friendly solution for cleaning all surfaces.

    And in a public park of more than 3,000 square meters in the center of Sustainable City are eleven greenhouses, which grow about a million plants. Vegetables and fruits are cultivated primarily for the city’s residents, but the leftovers are sold to other cities in the country.

    Thanks to the introduction of all these technologies, locals are also confidently following the path of sustainable development: 90% of Sustainable City residents sort garbage, 73% – consciously consume, and 53% – use the car less often.

    However, the successful implementation of this large-scale environmental project was made possible in part by the UAE government, which has identified environmental protection as a priority in the country’s policy. Thus, their goal is to balance the country’s economic, environmental, and social development.

    As modern cities currently produce about 65% of carbon emissions, they are one of the biggest polluters. In addition, according to UN forecasts, in 2050, 70% of the world’s population will live in cities. That is why the governments of developed countries should strive to improve the quality of life of citizens and, at the same time, prevent the irreversible degradation of ecosystems through the introduction of environmental technologies.


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