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    Expansion of Jubail Commercial Port paves the way for greener, safer, and cost-efficient transport option

    Gulf Stevedoring Contracting Company (GSCCO), part of the Gulftainer group of companies, has announced enhancements to Jubail Commercial Port. With the completed upgrades, the port now has the capacity to process 1.8 million twenty-foot containers (TEU’s) per year, WAM states. By increasing export volumes in Jubail, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia exporters will have the […]

    Gig economy taxi services: traveling on Uber and Lyft is more harmful to the city than on the private car, the study said

    Decades ago, road sharing platforms Uber and Lyft, entering the market, claimed that their business would help reduce personal travel by car, unload city streets and even increase the use of public transport. But a new study by American scientists proves the opposite, according to Bloomberg CityLab. The researchers decided to study externalities, or “external […]

    More than fiction. Science fiction ideas that can become a reality in the XXI century

    Lunar bases, flying cars, and teleportation are likely to appear in the coming decades. Let’s learn more reading Chas article. Sometimes reality is separated from fiction by a very thin line. A “smart” house, a mobile phone, space stations, uncrewed vehicles – not even a century has passed since these inventions lived only in books […]

    How Expo 2020 Dubai hopes to inspire action to address pressing global challenges

    For 170 years, World Expos have provided a platform to showcase the most outstanding innovations. Expo 2020 seeks to ‘connect minds, create the future through sustainability, mobility, and opportunity. Let’s check the Arab News story about it. *** A multiple reuse rocket. A desert farm where food grows using saltwater. Pop-up theaters. A hyperloop carriage […]

    Shipping companies now receive the highest revenue since 2008

    The world’s shipbuilding industry has been generating the most revenue since 2008. Due to increased demand and supply disruptions, market prices have risen sharply, Bloomberg states. Demand is rising and the global supply chain is suffering from a pandemic that raises the prices of shipping services. According to Clarkson Research Services Ltd., one of the […]

    Why do city dwellers need bike paths and sidewalks?

    London, New York, Paris, Bogota, Milan, Tel Aviv, Vilnius, and many others – almost every day, news comes from different cities around the world about the gradual exit from quarantine and… the emergency creation of bike lanes, the expansion of sidewalks and the alteration of parking lots into verandas for a cafe. Why are they […]

    The EU aims to ban the sale of cars on gasoline and diesel from 2035
    17 Jul 2021

    The EU plans to ban the sale of cars with diesel and gasoline engines from 2035. This is provided by the program to combat climate change until 2050, called Fit for 55, which the European Commission presented on July 15, Deutsche Welle reports. These measures are expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in all segments […]

    Opinion: does the “driverless” car industry have a future?

    Let’s get acquainted with Jarrett Walker’s insights into “Right of Way,” a book written last year by Angie Schmitt that influences the traffic safety conversation and pushes the fields of planning and engineering in new directions. Walker discusses the book “Right of Way: Race, Class, and the Silent Epidemic of Pedestrian Deaths in America.” This […]

    Waste of the modern era: numerous e-scooters were found at the bottom of the Rhine

    The first massive action of removing electric scooters from the bottom of the Rhine river will take place in German city Cologne at the end of June, DW reports. Recently, during the repair and arrangement of embankments, divers, who usually clean the bottom of the river from debris before work, found more than 500 electric […]

    10 steps to combat climate change
    12 Jun 2021

    Every day, we consume natural and energy resources that directly or indirectly cause greenhouse gas emissions, and therefore global warming and climate change. We drive cars that burn fossil fuels; we consume coal and nuclear electricity; we deprive wildlife of their homes; we wear clothes made from oil and dirty energy sources on the other […]