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    Seven beauty trends that will dominate 2022

    The beauty industry underwent unexpected, but welcoming changes as transparency is now reshaping its brand-consumer relationship. With savvy consumers beginning to embrace brands that value sustainability, authenticity, and utility; we weigh in trends that will gracefully reign 2022. Let’s get to know more thanks to Ganapathy, group product manager from Dabur International. *** More power […]

    Bee’ah Tandeef launches UAE’s first used cooking oil recycling program for communities

    Bee’ah Tandeef has launched a used cooking oil recycling service to reduce the negative impact of typical disposal methods while contributing to a zero-waste future, WAM reports. In homes, used cooking oil is usually poured down the drain. It stresses plumbing systems, creates clogs, and ultimately leads to expensive, time-consuming maintenance work for municipalities and […]

    Campers in Saudi Arabia enjoy cool weather, host friends and families in nature
    01 Jan 2022

    Camping weekends have long been a favorite winter pastime for Saudis, who erect their own tents or rent shelters in popular wilderness areas. But this year the experience will be different, with campers requiring a special permit issued for the purpose of “preserving vegetation,” according to Abdul Rahman Al-Dakheel, a spokesman for the National Center […]

    Emirates Environmental Group concludes 2021 by planting 2,559 native trees

    Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) concluded 2021 with its annual tree planting campaign “For Our Emirates We Plant”, WAM reports. This significant event took place on the special date 21.12.21; it witnessed the participation of more than 2,000 participants planting native saplings of Ghaf and Sidr trees in the Emirate of Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah. […]

    Impacts of fast fashion on the environment

    The fashion industry, especially since the rise of fast fashion, is among the most damaging industries for the environment, responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions and 20% of global wastewater. Let’s read the article by Earth.org based on a review article by Niinimaki et al. (2020), published in Nature in April 2020.    Some […]

    Bugs across the globe are evolving to eat plastic, study finds

    The Guardian writes about surprising discovery that shows scale of plastic pollution and reveals enzymes that could boost recycling. Microbes in oceans and soils across the globe are evolving to eat plastic, according to a study. The research scanned more than 200m genes found in DNA samples taken from the environment and found 30,000 different […]

    How to eat “garbage,” take a shower quickly, wash less often: the latest eco-trends on the consumer market

    Human society produces rubbish. Rivers carry between 1.15 and 2.41 million tons of plastic each year, and the average European produces 31 kg of plastic waste per year. You can start sorting waste, but you can’t make a new one out of a plastic bottle all the time: the plastic recycling cycle is finite. Let’s […]

    Billie Eilish is PETA 2021 Person of the Year for “championing animal rights”

    PETA NGO announced on December 1 that Billie Eilish is their 2021 Person of the Year for “championing animal rights, never staying silent about injustice, and using her influence to push the fashion industry to recognize that cruelty is never in style.” She gets people to listen – and not only to her music. She […]

    The blades of wind power plants are dumped in landfills because they are difficult to recycle

    Tens of thousands of wind turbine blades are completing their life cycle in landfills due to the complexity of recycling the fiberglass from which they are made, according to Bloomberg Green. The blade is made strong enough to withstand hurricane gusts of wind, and its length can exceed the length of the wing of a […]

    Oman ministry invites business owners to invest in waste recycling activities

    The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion (MoCIIP) has invited business owners to invest in waste recycling activities to enhance the local added value in the Sultanate of Oman. According to the statistics available at the MoCIIP the number of waste exports for the years 2020 and 2021 reached more than 230,000, where paper […]