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    The new study suggests almost 50% of Europeans have cut their meat consumption

    A new survey from Smart Protein backed by ProVeg has revealed nearly 50% of Europeans have cut meat from their diets and are eating more plant-based produce. The survey backed by ProVeg International sought to discover European attitudes toward plant-based foods with a focus on flexitarians. More than 7,500 people in 10 European countries were […]

    The European Union may ban the import of goods related to deforestation

    The European Union may ban the import of several products, including beef.  In late November, the European Commission unveiled a draft bill restricting imports of deforestation products, namely beef, coffee, cocoa, soybeans, palm oil, and wood. The bill requires companies to disclose information about their supply chains. It aims to prevent the import of deforestation […]

    In Finland, excessive consumption of meat was recognized as “the most unnecessary thing of the year”

    In Finland, Suomen Luonto (“Finnish Nature”) magazine, choosing “the most unnecessary thing of the year” for two decades, this year “awarded” the excessive meat consumption, Yle reports. The magazine notes that in addition to environmental damage, there is also a negative impact on health. Many Finns eat much more red meat than experts recommend. Over […]

    Beef: what’s the most environmentally responsible choice?

    We continue our review of opinions about cultivated (cellular) meat. We’ve found a remarkable opinion on this issue written in 2019 by Dr. Jonathan Foley (his Twitter is @GlobalEcoGuy). He’s a climate & environmental scientist, writer, and speaker. He’s also the Executive Director of Project Drawdown, the world’s leading resource for climate solutions.   *** […]

    Meat from a test tube: the beginning of the end of the era of livestock?

    We’ve found for you a few facts about cultivated (cellular) meat. Also there are additional opnion by eco-activist Olexiy Burkovsky about the future of livestock connected with this remarkable invention. *** Do not be surprised by quotes and direct speech of scientists, marketers and other professionals, because the format of this article was just a […]

    Rewilding is the hope facing the threat of modern agribusiness

    Humans use about 40% of the land as agricultural land, and if we remove from this indicator unsuitable or uninhabitable areas (the Arctic and arid deserts), then more than half. The agricultural lands have destroyed or transformed a vast number of the most productive ecosystems involved in forming and maintaining humane habitats. Let’s check the […]

    Hunters killed 667 pilot whales and 1428 dolphins in September in the Faroe Islands

    Almost two weeks ago, the most massive dolphin hunt in human history took place. 1428 animals were killed in the Faroe Islands. According to the organization Sea Shepperd, there are more and more locals on these islands who oppose hunters every year. But they cannot speak publicly for fear of reprisals. After all, they are […]

    One in four people in the world has reduced their meat consumption

    Nearly one-quarter of global consumers try to limit their meat consumption. This was announced on September 26 by the Business Wire portal, citing a study by Euromonitor International within the framework of the Consumer Voice: Health and Nutrition 2021 project. At the same time, 67% of respondents believe that their choices and actions can change […]

    Billionaire Jim Mellon, the guest of the Future of Dubai Foundation: “In 10 years there will be no more dairy products”

    Livestock is a dying branch of the agricultural industry. Half of all meat and fish will soon be produced using new technologies. This is a statement of the famous billionaire and philanthropist Jim Mellon at the event of the Future of Dubai Foundation, discussing the topics of the agricultural revolution and longevity, Euronews reports. He […]

    Artificial meat and whole egg alternative: a new startups

    Israeli startup Future Meat Technologies has opened the world’s first industrial meat growing company in Rehovot, “Israel Khayyom” newspaper reports. The plant plans to produce 500 kilograms of artificial meat a day, which will be enough to cook 5,000 burgers. The plant can now produce cultured chicken, pork, and lamb without the use of animal […]