Billionaire Jim Mellon, the guest of the Future of Dubai Foundation: “In 10 years there will be no more dairy products”

    10 Jul 2021

    Livestock is a dying branch of the agricultural industry. Half of all meat and fish will soon be produced using new technologies. This is a statement of the famous billionaire and philanthropist Jim Mellon at the event of the Future of Dubai Foundation, discussing the topics of the agricultural revolution and longevity, Euronews reports.

    He set out his views on a new direction of rural development in his book “Moo’s Law: An Investor’s Guide to the New Agrarian Revolution” (2020). He advocates a radical departure from the current model of intensive livestock, which he said is responsible for 20% of greenhouse gas emissions. The aim of reducing these emissions is the transition to industrial meat production using plant-based cell technology.

    The transition to industrial meat production with the help of cellular technology based on vegetable raw materials is intended to reduce these emissions.

    The billionaire is sure that in 10 years, dairy products in the form in which we know them now will disappear. Synthetic products will replace them.

    Half of all meat and fish will be produced using new technologies. The livestock profession has no prospects in the future, he said.

    Jim Mellon heads the pharmaceutical company Juvenescence, which promises to start producing drugs that remove old cells from the body within ten years. This will help to significantly improve the health of the elderly.

    This will free up the vast funds spent on medical care for the elderly and spend them on their more effective social adaptation.

    He also advises all generations to eat less sugar and other harmful foods to avoid diabetes and senile dementia.

    Mellon spends in Dubai few months and calls this city the new Hong Kong.

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