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    15 ways that the Middle East is under threat because of climate change
    20 Dec 2021

    ​​​​​​​After the COP26 conference in Glasgow, how are climate change, rapid growth, and conflict devastating the environment? Let’s read the answers written by Middle East Eye. The United Nations Climate Change Conference – better known as COP26 – convenes in Glasgow for governments to take action against the growing climate crisis facing the planet. There […]

    Do you like jokes about “chipping”? Still, there’s a crisis of microchips worldwide

    A new economic crisis has already touched you – try to order a PlayStation 5, a new iPhone, or car! A shortage of electronic equipment threatens the world. Let’s get to know what happens, thanks to Babel’s explanation. Today, almost everything works on chips – from an electric toothbrush to a car. Since last year, […]

    There’s an energy crisis in the world – the price of gas is breaking records, and everyone lacks it. Who is guilty?
    06 Nov 2021

    In early October 2021, the gas price set an absolute record – $1,969 per thousand cubic meters. Now it has dropped again – on October 25, fuel on the exchange is traded at $1,115. This does not mean that everything will be fine now – this year, prices are constantly jumping. Due to the shortage […]

    Pearl Initiative’s engagement with 300 philanthropists highlights an accelerated shift to strategic giving in the Gulf region

    The Pearl Initiative, in partnership with the Philanthropy Network, has concluded a year-long virtual webinar series that highlighted the capabilities philanthropy has in driving new and innovative solutions to address unprecedented global concerns, such as COVID-19, and the relief efforts to mitigate their impact, WAM reports. Key featured international speakers included Dr Lawrence H. Summers, […]

    Innovative solutions set to drive global oil industry’s recovery
    19 Oct 2021

    A new report produced by Oxford Business Group (OBG) in partnership with Alkhorayef Petroleum explores the crucial role that digitalization and innovation are poised to play in the global oil industry’s recovery, Times of Oman states. The “Oil & Gas Services: Post-Pandemic Prospects” report, part of OBG’s Covid-19 Response Report (CRR) series, provides data-driven analysis […]

    The energy crisis is deepening in the world. What is the reason?
    18 Oct 2021

    In Europe, there is a shortage of natural gas and a fivefold increase in gas prices before the onset of winter. In addition, the northern hemisphere has now added oil shortages, Euronews states. Experts warn that in the event of severe frosts, heat bills could increase by 40%. Gas prices rose due to growing industrial […]

    COVID-19 and environmental sustainability in Iraq: UNDP report

    Let’s have a look on the important document about the impact of COVID-19 on environmental sustainability in Iraq. It’s the fifth in a series released by UNDP on the effects of COVID-19 in Iraq. The authors emphasize how the pandemic has exacerbated Iraq’s environmental fragility. It was already affected by legacies of conflict, lack of […]

    Power returns to Lebanon after a 24-hour blackout
    11 Oct 2021

    Power has been restored in Lebanon, officials say, after a 24-hour shutdown of the country’s energy supply, BBC reports. The energy ministry says the central bank has granted it $100 m of credit to buy fuel and keep its power stations operating. The power grid shut down on October 9, and officials said it was […]

    Energy shortages will lead to the full-blown global crisis this winter – Bloomberg
    06 Oct 2021

    In the immediate aftermath of the global crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, many countries faced energy shortages, Bloomberg states. In the UK, there is an acute shortage of fuel, due to which gas stations are closed, and huge queues line up at workers. Store shelves are emptying due to a shortage of drivers. After […]

    How bad is China’s energy crisis?
    02 Oct 2021

    China is implementing power rationing as supplies dwindle due to the price rise of imported coal. Let’s get to know what happens, thanks to The Guardian. The situation is widespread. In recent days, factories in 20 of China’s 31 provinces have suffered a loss of power, forcing many to shut down production, at least for […]