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    “Mushroom headphones,” gum sneakers and apple bags: 13 sustainable alternatives available now

    While we continue to buy plastic bags in a bit of shame, some are already making the eco-friendly products of the future. Let’s read the Knife article about how inventors from all over the world have turned familiar goods into samples of total environmental friendliness. Their production not only does not harm nature, but even […]

    A biotechnology company has created a vegan cheese made of microalgae

    A biotechnology company from Singapore has developed a genuinely vegan cheese from protein flour and microalgae. It can be eaten solid or melted, and it tastes like cheddar. Singapore’s Sophie’s BioNutrients creates food products that focus on green production. In mid-November, they announced that they had developed a nutrient-rich cheese made from photosynthetic microalgae, completely […]

    11 November – International Energy Saving Day
    17 Nov 2021

    International Energy Saving Day is held each year on 11 November since 2008, when the international SPARE network initiated it to draw attention to the importance of saving energy. Energy saving is significant for improving the environment where we live, and on the whole planet. Energy-saving allows us to obtain the necessary energy services and […]

    A “greener” life. Habits that will help save the planet

    Being environmentally conscious is normal. This is the global trend of recent years, when large-scale fires take the lives of millions of plants and animals; microplastics have settled even in breast milk; and glaciers of the sixth continent due to global warming melt right before our eyes. International organizations and individual states fight for the […]

    Beauty without victims: why animal experiments should be banned

    Despite the efforts of many animal rights activists, the phenomenon of animal testing still exists. However, it is cruel, inhumane, and often wholly unjustified, as the results of animal experiments are outdated and unreliable. Let’s get acquainted with the story by Olexandr Grushak, representative of the UA Plant-Based campaign. *** Since 1979, April 24 has […]

    Recycling is not enough! Sharing is the path to a circular economy

    How can we reduce the use of raw materials? To break out of the “iron cage of consumption”, says Mariel Moreno from The Ecologist, you need to use things to the last – whether it’s clothes, houses, cars, join a car club, share appliances with neighbors and return the washing machine! Shared consumption has demonstrated […]

    Love your neighbor. How local producers are supported in different countries

    The pandemic’s border closures have exposed the vulnerability of import-dependent markets, but small local producers are also at risk. But they determine the pace of economic development in their city, region, country. Let’s get to know how people can support local producers in different countries, in addition to loans and tax incentives. The author of […]

    Environment Day conference in Bahrain focused on eco-friendly consumption

    A conference-debate to celebrate the environment and raise awareness on current environmental issues will be organized by the French embassy in Bahrain on September 18. The “Eco-friendly consumption” conference will be followed by the screening of the latest film by director Yann Arthus Bertrand, “Legacy”, at the Alliance Française. “The objective of this conference is […]

    Forget shorter showers: why personal change does not equal eco-political change

    Would any sane person think dumpster diving would have stopped Hitler? Or that composting would have ended slavery or brought about the eight-hour workday? Or that chopping wood and carrying water would have gotten people out of Tsarist prisons? Or that dancing naked around a fire would have helped put in place the Voting Rights […]

    The weight of the world: on framing the fight against climate change
    07 Sep 2021

    “The oil-producing countries work to translate their wealth into international influence, resulting in a geopolitics that more often than not reignites old conflicts, although it sometimes creates new ones.” Let’s get acquainted with the article by Alaa Abd El Fattah. He’s the webmaster of Panorama, and an Egyptian blogger, software developer, and political activist. He […]