11 November – International Energy Saving Day

    17 Nov 2021

    International Energy Saving Day is held each year on 11 November since 2008, when the international SPARE network initiated it to draw attention to the importance of saving energy.

    Energy saving is significant for improving the environment where we live, and on the whole planet. Energy-saving allows us to obtain the necessary energy services and to conserve natural resources that are permanently burned for heat and electricity, polluting the environment. Saving energy saves money because we pay a lot for energy and saving helps to reduce the contribution of humankind in climate change. Energy efficiency plays an essential role in the preservation of natural resources.

    Every year in many countries, on the 11th of November there are practical actions on saving electricity, insulation of houses, seminars on energy-saving technologies, information campaigns, exhibitions and much more. This year the International Day for energy saving will be a variety of activities – from the practical measures for insulation classes to street protests, which will bring together students, educators, environmental organizations, government officials and experts from research institutes. This holiday is an excellent opportunity to talk about energy saving and renewable energy sources.

    At the initiative of the international ecological network “School Project for Application of Recourses and Energy” (SPARE), November 11 was announced to be the Energy Saving Day. The decision was adopted in April 2008 at the international conference of SPARE coordinators, which was held in Kazakhstan. In November 2008, the world celebrated the first Energy Saving Day. This Day has received international status as 20 countries wanted to join the project. The purpose of the holiday is to draw attention of authorities and the public to the sustainable use of recources and renewable energy as it can help to reduce the pollution of the environment.


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