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    UAE leverages cloud seeding to tackle water scarcity locally, regionally, and globally

    The UAE has adopted state-of-the-art technologies to ensure the sustainability of water resources mainly fed by precipitation, as part of the country’s leading role in tackling the most pressing global issues that demand urgent action, including water security, WAM reports. Cloud seeding plays a crucial role in reengineering the planet earth through mitigating drought, enhancing […]

    NCM Director-General highlights the role of cloud seeding as the catalyst for reengineering earth

    Dr. Abdulla Al Mandous, Director-General of National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) and President of the Regional Association II (Asia) of the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), has participated in a panel session titled ‘Reengineering Planet Earth’ hosted by the World Majlis at Expo 2020 Dubai as part of the Climate and Biodiversity Week, WAM reports. In […]

    Bayanat Engineering Qatar for exciting meteorological & environmental solutions

    Meteorology is the science dealing with the atmosphere and its phenomena, including both weather and climate. Where did the practice of meteorology come from? Though it’s hard to pinpoint exactly where the origins of meteorology lie in history, many attribute its beginnings to Aristotle, who wrote about metrology way back in 350BC. Bayanat Engineering Qatar […]

    Cloud seeding, straw in dunes and drone trees: how the world solves the problem of desertification
    22 Jul 2021

    Let’s talk about ways to maintain balance on the planet. Some of them will definitely surprise you: for example, text messages from… spinach. We’re thankful to Rubryka for their amazing review. We have become almost accustomed to unusually low temperatures and abnormal heat in recent years, which change very quickly. We even treat these weather […]

    It’s raining in the UAE for the first time in the middle of summer: the successful testing of cloud seeding technologies
    19 Jul 2021

    While the world is suffering from record temperatures, the United Arab Emirates has used rain call technology. Heavy rainfall has been reported in several parts of the UAE since June 14, even though it is not common in the region at this time, haqqin.az reports. In the UAE, scientists have enhanced the rain in the […]