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    The fourth movie about a world where the Sun is not visible: “The Matrix makes any idea trivial”

    The miracle that the fans have been waiting for for 18 years has finally appeared – the fourth film of “The Matrix” franchise, with the logical name “Resurrection,” was released on the screens. Films of 1999-2003 have reliably entered pop culture along with “Aliens” and “Terminators,” gained a loyal audience… And the US movie businessmen […]

    An album with the voices of endangered bird species hit the top of the Australian music chart

    The album of recordings of bird voices was in the top 3 of the leading Australian music chart ARIA, bypassing Drake, Taylor Swift, and Billy Isle. Songs of Disappearance contains 53 short tracks with the most endangered Australian birds. Researchers had to hide for hours in the bushes to record some voices. In particular, the […]

    “Woman at War”: Icelandic film about non-standard nature protection

    We used to watch movies about nature primarily as documentaries. Thanks to the first ones, such as the BBC or Cousteau‘s films in the 1980s, some species of plants and animals were filmed for the first time in history. In the “Symphony of the Rainforest” movie in the early 1990s, Marian variegated pigeon was filmed […]

    Reconnecting with nature: eco-awareness initiative in Al Areen Wildlife Park and Reserve in Zallaq

    Artists and photographers were flocking to Al Areen Wildlife Park and Reserve in Zallaq on 27 November to reconnect with nature in an environmental awareness initiative. The ‘Live: ECO-ART’ is the brainchild of educator, environmental enthusiast, and self-taught artist Dr. Anamica Bhattacharya. She has conducted a series of workshops, demonstrations, and talks over the year […]

    Sharjah Art Foundation announces winners of VPS9 photography prize

    Sharjah Art Foundation has announced the winners of its inaugural photography prize at the opening of Vantage Point Sharjah 9 (VPS9). The Foundation’s annual photography exhibition showcases works selected through an international open call that received 500 submissions this year, WAM reports. Presenting works by 53 photographers from 30 countries, the 2021 iteration of Vantage […]

    “From Seed to Seed” – short movies to learn how to produce vegetable seeds

    European eco-settlers released on Youtube a unique project – a series of 40 short films “From Seed to Seed.” This series allows anyone to learn how to produce vegetable seeds. It provides the basics of theory and practice, an “alphabet” of seed production, and shows all the necessary steps for producing seeds of 40 vegetable […]

    Saudi school principal gets into Guinness for largest mural using water bottle caps

    Khulood Al-Fadli, a school principal in Jeddah, has joined the ranks of Guinness World Records holders by creating the planet’s most giant mosaic using plastic bottle caps, Arab News reports. The Green Leaves Playgroup principal broke last year’s record with a 250-square-meter map of the world using 350,000 plastic bottle caps. The previous record belonged […]

    District 9: Alien as a mirror of the human being

    On February 26, 2021, a South African-Canadian film director, Neill Blomkamp revealed on his official Twitter that development of “10 District” was moving ahead on a script for a sequel, with Sharlto Copley and Terri Tatchell co-writing the screenplay with him. His first work, “District 9”, was named one of the top 10 independent films […]

    “Avatar”: An old fairy tale in a new world

    A moment later I emerged entirely from the cloud bank, but though I searched in all directions, I saw nothing but foliage, above, around, below me, yet I could see far down into that abyss of leaves. In the soft light I could not determine the color of the foliage, but I was sure that […]

    Minamata. Photo art as a fight for the environment

    The film “Minamata” by Andrew Levitas was first released in May, 2021. For viewers who follow the latest cinema news, it became a long-awaited one, since the release of the film was delayed for a year due to the pandemic. This is a new role for Johnny Depp, this time he’s not playing a pirate, […]