Reconnecting with nature: eco-awareness initiative in Al Areen Wildlife Park and Reserve in Zallaq

    01 Dec 2021

    Artists and photographers were flocking to Al Areen Wildlife Park and Reserve in Zallaq on 27 November to reconnect with nature in an environmental awareness initiative. The ‘Live: ECO-ART’ is the brainchild of educator, environmental enthusiast, and self-taught artist Dr. Anamica Bhattacharya. She has conducted a series of workshops, demonstrations, and talks over the year to inspire and motivate people during the pandemic, https://www.gdnonline states.

    Eminent nature photographer Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh, artists Subho Sarkar, Anil Sharma, Niju Joy, Anuja & Pallavi Jain, and animal science expert & passionate photographer Alexandria Andrews met participants at Al Areen Wildlife Park & Reserve.



    The participation was free. Organizers provided e-certificates, water, juice, art materials (colors), white sheets, pen. Participants carried their materials as a reusable bag, bottles, cameras, Canvas, easels, brushes & entry fee to Al Areen Wildlife Park.



    Environmental enthusiasts gathered at the Al Areen Wildlife Park and Reserve, Zallaq to celebrate art and photography and raise awareness about the preservation of nature.

    A group of 25 nature-lovers of all ages took part in the ‘Live: ECO-ART’ event, Gulfweekly reports.



    They either captured the beauty of wildlife and greenery in picture form or expressed their fondness for flora through art.

    “My aim was to raise awareness about the environment and how it is important to all of us,” said Dr. Anamica, a science teacher from Umm Al Hassam who has conducted a series of workshops, demonstrations, and talks over the year to inspire and motivate people during the pandemic.



    “Our environment is precious, and we need to keep it safe. To appreciate every bit of it, I thought, why not incorporate people’s love of nature by taking pictures or drawing different plants, birds, and animals while exploring the park?”

    Prominent nature photographer Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh, known for his award-winning images of flamingos in Bahrain, snapped up more picture-perfect moments of the pink birds while also mentoring five participants on the day.

    Artists Subho Sarkar, Niju Joy, Anil Sharma, and Pallavi Jain showcased their colorful creations and guided child participants as well with their work.

    Animal science expert and passionate photographer Alexandria Andrews was also present alongside Shampa and Shantanu Chowdhury.




    Jameela Mohanna and her daughter Aiisha, the ladies behind an informative recycling website in Bahrain, participated as well and shared the importance of recycling and the process of it all.

    Art supplies were provided by Baloo’s Buddies and the RIA Institute Bahrain. At the end of the event, everyone received an e-certificate.

    For details, follow @anamica_b on Instagram.



    Let’s take a look at the winner photos at the contest organized by the US-based National Wildlife Federation here.

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