The European Commission introduced a package of bills to create a hydrogen market in the EU

    30 Dec 2021

    The European Commission has prepared a package of bills to decarbonize the European gas market and create a hydrogen market in the European Union in the context of implementing the Green Deal strategy.

    “With today’s proposals, we are creating the conditions for a green transition in our gas sector by encouraging the use of“ clean ”gases. A key element of this transition is the creation of a competitive hydrogen market with specialized infrastructure. We want Europe to be the first in the world to establish market rules for this important source of energy and its storage,” European Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson is quoted as saying in a message from the EC.

    The EC stressed that such rules would create the necessary investment climate and conditions for the development of hydrogen infrastructure, including for trade with third countries.

    The new rules are expected to facilitate the access of low-carbon gases to the pipeline system by lowering pumping tariffs, eliminating cross-border tariffs, and establishing a low-carbon gas certification system. This will take into account the carbon footprint of certain gases.

    In addition, the new rules will guarantee an easier change of energy supplier, as is already the case in the electricity market, so that consumers can better compare data on prices, bills and can choose to supply low-carbon gases over fossil fuels.


    Read about how hydrogen has turned from an anachronism into a global trend here.

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