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    Five good-news environmental stories from 2021

    From new protected areas to ozone layer gains, this year saw some positive trends, even as myriad problems persist. Let’s read Al Jazeera review on this issue. From record heatwaves causing devastating wildfires in Russia’s Siberia, to a prolonged drought hitting South America and the worst floods to hit South Sudan in 60 years, there […]

    Australia admitted in a report on 2020 bushfires that climate change was the driving factor
    25 Dec 2021

    Two years has passed since Australia’s largest bushfire razed more than a million hectares, but the scars are still burned into the memories of those who were there. Gospers Mountain bushfire residents live in fear of next blaze, ABC states. Locals around Lithgow reflect on the fire which burned from October 2019 to January 2020. […]

    Do you like jokes about “chipping”? Still, there’s a crisis of microchips worldwide

    A new economic crisis has already touched you – try to order a PlayStation 5, a new iPhone, or car! A shortage of electronic equipment threatens the world. Let’s get to know what happens, thanks to Babel’s explanation. Today, almost everything works on chips – from an electric toothbrush to a car. Since last year, […]

    The sacrifices of Iran’s Kurdish environmental activists

    Environmentalists in Iran’s Kurdish areas have had a tougher year than usual, battling drought, forest fires and loss on Green Mountain. The Green Mountain Committee is a non-governmental organization established 22 years ago in Mariwan, Kurdistan Province. To this day, it is the most active environmental group in Iran’s Kurdish areas. In June, 15 members […]

    Air quality improved slightly in 2020 during lockdowns, U.N. agency says

    Key air pollutants temporarily plunged by unprecedented levels during coronavirus lockdowns last year, with fine particle pollution falling by more than a third across parts of Asia, a U.N. agency said on September 3. Particulate matter (PM 2.5) fell by up to 40% across Africa, South America, and Southern Asia and by smaller amounts in […]

    Saudi Arabia sends assistance to help Algeria grapple effects of deadly fires
    29 Aug 2021

    Saudi Arabia has set up an air bridge to Algeria carrying urgent humanitarian aid to help the north African country “alleviate the effects” of deadly wildfires that swept across several cities, Arab News reports. The move has been directed by King Salman, who spoke to Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune over the phone on last week […]

    As Turkey burns, we can no longer ignore climate change warnings
    19 Aug 2021

    For the past week, Turkey has been experiencing the worst and most painful wildfire crisis in the country’s history. At least nine people have died in blazes that have destroyed forests on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, which are major tourist hot spots. Homes have been destroyed, animals killed, and large sections of the country’s […]

    “Ecological disaster” in Greece, Turkey, Italy and Spain: One person dies in French wildfires
    19 Aug 2021

    Wildfires in the hills near the French coastal resort of Saint-Tropez have claimed their first human life, the regional government said on August 18. “The battle is ongoing and the fire has not yet been contained,” French President Emmanuel Macron said after visiting the area. “The coming hours will be absolutely decisive,” Times of Oman […]

    NASA has published a map of fires on Earth
    17 Aug 2021

    The fire covered North and South America, Eurasia, Africa, and Australia. Madagascar and Indonesia are red from fires, NASA reports. Large-scale forest fires are raging on five of the six continents. There is no fire only in Antarctica. It is known that earlier forest fires broke out in Turkey, particularly near the popular resorts in […]

    The Middle East fights wildfires: Turkey and Lebanon fight blazes as deaths reported
    02 Aug 2021

    At least four people have died as soaring summer heat sparks off wildfires across the Middle East. Wildfires have wreaked havoc across Turkey and Lebanon as record summer temperatures continue to batter the region, Middle East Eye reports. At least three people are known to have died in Turkey due to fires in the country’s […]