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    The Environmental Photographer of the Year – 14th edition

    Now in its 14th year, The Environmental Photographer of the Year competition showcases the most inspirational environmental photography worldwide.  The award celebrates humanity’s ability to survive and innovate and showcases thought-provoking images that call attention to our impact and inspire us to live sustainably. The winners have been announced in the environmental photographer of the […]

    Algeria: Devastated villages and charred farmland left in the wake of Kabylie wildfires
    11 Oct 2021

    Smoldering olive groves, decimated farms, burnt-out cars – after the deadly fires of the summer, the traumatized villages of Kabylie struggle to face the future. Let’s read the Middle East Eye story about the current situation. *** More than a month after deadly fires claimed 90 lives in the Kabylie region of Algeria, mourners have […]

    Devastating wildfires led to record-high emissions this summer
    03 Oct 2021

    Blazes in the Mediterranean basin, North America and Siberia resulted in the highest level of carbon emissions from wildfires ever recorded during summer in the Northern Hemisphere, Bloomberg states. The fires released a record 1.3 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in July and 1.4 billion tons in August, according to a […]

    Fire tornado in California – new extreme disaster due to the climate change
    30 Aug 2021

    Scientists are learning more about fire tornadoes, the spinning funnels of flame, NPR reports. A fire tornado has been captured on video at the Tennant fire in northern California, BBC states. It is one of the latest signs of extreme weather threatening the US west, facing severe drought and record high temperatures. Thought rare, similar […]

    Why the risk of floods increases exponentially after forest fires
    18 Aug 2021

    After the onset of forest fires, many pray for rain to come, hoping to extinguish the flames. Rains after forest fires, however, are a significant cause for concern, as blazes increase the risk of subsequent flooding exponentially. When fires rip through the landscape, they burn not only countless trees and plants but also their roots, […]

    Humanity is getting used to the new climate: how heat and floods are changing “usual” Europe
    16 Aug 2021

    Streams of dirty water overturning cars like toys and destroying houses translated live, and on the opposite side of the continent – the infernal heat and forest fires, which firefighters did not have time to extinguish physically. July 2021 was marked by natural disasters in many countries around Europe and the world. The first days […]

    In Greece, a forest fire destroyed an olive tree that was 2.5 thousand years old
    15 Aug 2021

    Forest fires on the Greek island of Euboea destroyed an ancient olive tree that was 2,500 years old, Greek Reporter states. The tree was so large that the diameter of the trunk could accommodate ten people. It was still bearing fruit. Now only charred fragments of the historical plant remain. A photo of a burned […]

    Algeria wildfires: 65 killed, Qatar’s Amir sent his condolences to the President of country
    12 Aug 2021

    Wildfires tearing through forested areas of northern Algeria have killed at least 65 people, state television reported on August 11, as some of the most destructive blazes in the country’s history continued to rage. The government has deployed the army to help fight the fires, which have burnt most fiercely in the mountainous Kabylie region, […]

    Greece burning: “unprecedented natural disaster”
    12 Aug 2021

    Greece will send €500 million to help residents of the Attica region and the island of Evia (Euboea), who lost their homes and property during large-scale fires this week. In a televised address on July 8, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced additional funds to money from the EU Reconstruction Fund, which will go directly to […]

    Kurdish environmentalists had fought raging wildfires in Mariwan, Iran
    11 Aug 2021

    Kurdish environmentalists in Iran have been battling wildfires in Mariwan, bordering the Kurdistan Region, for three days in July, a member of a local environmental organization said for Rudaw. “It has been 72 hours now that the area of Dolabe has been burning. Dolabe, Qalanjan, Hawari Faqe Mohammed, Asnwa border southern Kurdistan [the Kurdistan Region]” […]