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    Environmental documentary narrated by Alec Baldwin delays release

    The theatrical and digital release of ‘Flint: Who Can You Trust?’, an environmental documentary narrated by Alec Baldwin, has been postponed, its director said, following the fatal shooting of a cinematographer on the set of the actor’s movie ‘Rust’, The Peninsula Qatar states. Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was killed and director Joel Souza was injured when […]

    In the United States, corals are printed on a 3D printer: this can save coral reefs

    The American company Objects and Ideograms has started printing corals from calcium carbonate on a 3D printer, Dezeen reports. This could save real coral reefs, 70% of which, according to the UN, are threatened with extinction (including due to global warming). Printed corals, like real ones, have a cylindrical shape and a porous surface. They […]

    BayoTech, New Mexico Gas Co to build largest hydrogen production hub
    16 Dec 2021

    Hydrogen solutions provider, BayoTech, Inc has signed an agreement with New Mexico Gas Company to deploy a new highly-efficient hydrogen production facility in the Southern state of Albuquerque, USA. Hydrogen produced at the hub will be used by New Mexico Gas in a pilot project to demonstrate the safe and effective blending of hydrogen into […]

    A series of destroying tornados have crashed in the US – scientists believe global warming is the cause
    14 Dec 2021

    At least 50 tornadoes hit the US states of Kentucky, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio and Tennessee over the weekend. In these regions, power lines were cut off, residential and public buildings were destroyed. According to preliminary data, more than 100 people died. The city of Mayfield (Kentucky) was almost completely destroyed, CNN reports. […]

    USA attitude towards MENA: from resistance and retaliation to resilience and reliance

    The Middle East is not the same region the US defined it as several decades ago. This is the main idea of Sarah Elzeini article. She’s a founder and CEO of SMZ International Group, a boutique strategic advisory and activities firm. Her clientele includes law firms, nonprofits, the private sector and sovereign states. *** In […]

    Now there is a food market. How old factories turned into modern urban spaces: the experience of New York and Copenhagen

    Clusters are urban spaces where very different venues coexist, from creative associations to cozy coffee houses and local stores. Sooner or later, they appear in all major cities. Often – through the efforts of local activists and developers, less often – being the projects of the city authorities. Clusters turn into places of attraction for […]

    American companies have “hired” 29,000 robots in less than a year. This is a record in US history

    In the first nine months of 2021, American companies bought 29,000 robots, which is a record in US history. This number exceeded the peak value in 2017 and almost halved the figure for the first nine months of 2020, CNN reports with reference to the Association for the Development of Automation report. The reason for […]

    How the US could resolve its dilemma on oil prices, the environment, and Opec+
    25 Nov 2021

    It seems almost forgotten that it was Trump who asked Opec+ to make deep cuts to save the American oil industry. Let’s read the analytics by Robin Mills, the chief executive of Qamar Energy and author of The Myth of the Oil Crisis, published in The National News. Opec+ meetings have become oddly routine. They […]

    ‘Zero-COVID is not going to happen’: experts predict a steep rise in US cases this winter

    Total US deaths from COVID may reach 1 million by spring as vaccination rates remain lower than 60%, The Guardian states. Activists, many of who brought ashes of relatives who died from COVID, gather outside the US Capitol to call for action to prevent future pandemics. A steep rise in COVID-19 cases in Europe should […]

    Do you like jokes about “chipping”? Still, there’s a crisis of microchips worldwide

    A new economic crisis has already touched you – try to order a PlayStation 5, a new iPhone, or car! A shortage of electronic equipment threatens the world. Let’s get to know what happens, thanks to Babel’s explanation. Today, almost everything works on chips – from an electric toothbrush to a car. Since last year, […]