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    Turkey and neighbours pledge to clean up Mediterranean

    Turkey and its neighbours pledged Friday to do a better job addressing the threats posed by pollution to people’s health and the natural habitats of the Mediterranean Sea, Rudaw reports. From plastic waste to slimy mucilage forming on their coasts, the ring of tourism-dependant Mediterranean countries have battled a steady stream of environmental problems, raising […]

    Turkey becomes Europe’s dumping ground for illegal plastic waste

    Illegal plastic waste from the UK and Germany is dumped in Turkey where it is polluting the Mediterranean, says Greenpeace, Middle East Eye states. The UK and Germany have continued to illegally export non-recyclable plastic waste to Turkey, where it is burnt at landfill sites and pollutes the environment, a Greenpeace investigation revealed in May, […]

    Drought, dams, and dry rivers: Iraqi farmers are giving up hope

    Iraqi farmers face drought, a significant drop in annual rainfall, and growing salinity in the once water-rich country. Let’s check Middle East Eye story about it, written in 2018. *** The blazing sun beats down on Mohammed Khalil Ibrahim as he points to what is left of his date palms and the damage caused by […]

    Before the flood: Turkey’s new dam set to wash away past despite uncertain future

    Turkey’s new Ilisu dam will flood villages and ancient sites. In Iraq, it could also deepen a water crisis, Middle East Eye warned in 2019. The Ilısu Dam is a concrete-face rock-fill dam on the Tigris near the village of Ilısu and along the border of Mardin and Şırnak Provinces in Turkey. It is one […]

    Turkey on the precipice of climate disaster as lakes dry and forests burn
    25 Oct 2021

    As climate conference Cop26 approaches, Turkey should be doing more to help its environment, experts say. Let’s check the National News article on this issue. From a distance, eastern Turkey’s White Lake still looks wet. A greenish residue left behind by its waters creates a mirage from the hills above, but get closer and all […]

    Why Turkey should swap military strikes for water diplomacy

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has voiced his anger over the killing of two Turkish policemen by Kurdish forces in Syria, describing the attack as “the final straw” and warning that Ankara will take decisive action to eliminate what it views as a terrorist threat against its citizens. However, can Turkey be sure another military […]

    Turkey: Environmental disasters a new test for struggling Erdogan

    Let’s observe this year’s environmental problems in Turkey, like sea snot, drought, dead flamingos, and burning plastic waste. Rising concerns about them are shaking the president’s government, the Middle East Eye author states. Is it so? Let’s read. *** When a group of Turkish environmental campaigners submitted the paperwork to establish a political party last […]

    In Istanbul, electricity is generated from air flows from transport
    05 Oct 2021

    Wind turbines have been installed in Istanbul that generate electricity using the turbulence of airflow from transport, the Independent reports. Turbines are called “Enlil” in honor of the god of wind from Sumerian-Akkadian mythology. They were developed by the startup Deveci Tech together with Istanbul Technical University.     It is a vertical turbine that […]

    The life and death of Rebwar Gholizadeh, environmentalist, intellectual, PJAK fighter from Iraq

    Let’s check the story by Rudaw from a war-thorn Iraqi Kurdistan. *** Children and parents alike giggled as they played in a stream lined by weeping willow trees, a vein of life in a remote village otherwise slumbering in the overpowering late June sun. Nearby, a white Toyota pick-up truck carrying four plainclothes militants made […]

    As Turkey burns, we can no longer ignore climate change warnings
    19 Aug 2021

    For the past week, Turkey has been experiencing the worst and most painful wildfire crisis in the country’s history. At least nine people have died in blazes that have destroyed forests on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, which are major tourist hot spots. Homes have been destroyed, animals killed, and large sections of the country’s […]